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We believe in a cross-platform strategy, with deep narratives that empower discovery. When an experience is elegantly intuitive users do not need to be “taught” how to behave or exist within that world. They are free to play, experiment and discover for themselves. We feel this is a very compelling advantage that VR has over other mediums and that captured our attention early on.

We aspire to create moments that are larger than life, something that people cannot find at home that builds upon the experiences users have with home-based products. Our content is crafted to bridge the gap between location-based entertainment and home applications, so users can do something at home that will enhance their experience in location-based and vice versa.

For that, we need to keep people engaged with quality content. The quality level is ever increasing and we’re up to that challenge of meeting and exceeding those expectations. Of course, there’s a way to make cheap stuff look good. But meaningful content is crucial – we need to be able to get buses of people driving up to the location to experience something memorable. That’s how museums do it.

Imagination enables mankind to travel through time and space; unlocking unprecedented ways to access, interact with and acquire knowledge. Our job is to empower the imagination and set it free using new and innovative technology.

- Marc-Antoine Pinard

The fact is we need to have edutainment attached to what we are going to be offering in the next six to twelve months. Content isn’t just a gun with bad guys and can be a perspective on something more than just entertainment. That way, we can get groups; we can get schools; we can get mothers of three. We need that type of content that’s historical, that’s rich, that’s cinematic to a certain extent.

It’s not necessarily about teaching either. It’s about helping people, especially a new generation, figure out how to understand what’s going on. The way that kids currently look at the world is completely different than just five or 10 years ago.



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