Logibec is an industry leader in developing and implementing IT ecosystems in healthcare throughout Canada and internationally. With 40 years of experience, the company continues to innovate and create solutions that enable healthcare centers to optimize patient care by relieving them of their daily administrative tasks. Artificial intelligence and big data have become the key pillars of this innovation.

Logibec Readmission AI is a patient-first solution designed for healthcare workers and organizations. It accurately predicts the likelihood of a patient’s readmission to a hospital within 45 days of being discharged. This foresight allows care teams to focus on and create personalized discharge plans for highrisk patients. The result is peace of mind for both the patients and the healthcare workers.

To ensure proper levels of care, Logibec offers different solutions. Logibec Strom predicts a care unit’s patient occupancy rate, while Logibec Absenteeism AI forecasts the risk of absenteeism within a hospital’s workforce. These solutions give healthcare managers a clearer view of their clinical and human capital data. With a clearer picture, managers can make better, more timely decisions for their organizations. It also allows hospital staff to reach more balanced work-life schedules, stay healthy, and provide superior care to their patients.

Logibec’s clients have access to these predictive solutions and strategic recommendations based on their healthcare facility’s big data. With high-quality data feeding into its solutions, users are better supported in their daily decisions. With multiple projects in development in partnership with healthcare institutions, Logibec’s vision to bring peace of mind to every stakeholder’s day to-day operations is becoming a reality.

Marc Brunet, President and CEO

“Creating a world where healthcare experience means peace of mind is the vision that drives Logibec. This vision is behind every strategy to better support our product users, health providers, and their patients.”

"Logibec chose to focus on financially viable AI projects to ensure the creation of a virtuous circle between the private sector, academia, and healthcare centers.”

- Alex Iancu, Vice President of AI and Big Data


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