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Living Security reduces the #1 cybersecurity risk for enterprises, human error. We deliver engaging and impactful cybersecurity awareness training that is brought to life by tech-enabled experiences. Our immersive training experiences leverage science-backed techniques to motivate behavior change and refreshed content that’s relevant for the current threat-scape.

<p style=”font-size: 17px; color: #000000; margin-top: 10px; font-family: ‘Alegreya’, serif;”>Ashley Rose, CEO


Living Security co-founders, Drew and Ashley Rose, recognized that traditional security awareness programs were failing to move the needle and it was time for a fresh approach. The team is comprised of entrepreneurs, cybersecurity subject matter experts, training content and digital media developers, engineers, and product and training specialists. Bringing all of this expertise together, we set out to design a solution to solve this immense problem.

We start by developing comprehensive science-backed training experiences that can be scaled across the enterprise. These are comprised of in-person training through our escape rooms and online through our digital training platform. The experiences are customized based on learning objectives and structured to enable social learning to engage participants. We provide a training de-brief and smart analytics, including before, during, and after assessments that help identify risk areas.

Our clients are champions across industries that believe people can change and that focusing on secure decision making and building a positive culture is critically important to the security of their company. We enable program owners to implement scalable, educational & engaging training that reduces risk. We help CISO’s and company leaders to have confidence that they’ve found a trusted, safe solution that keeps the company infrastructure safe and secure. We help compliance leaders to build efficiency through effective training that engages larger teams and fulfills compliance obligations.



Living Security was founded in 2017 in Austin, Texas. As a brand, we strive to be energizing, insightful, relatable and cutting edge. This plays out from the creation of training products that move beyond the status quo to valuing long term relationships with our clients and partners with a solution-oriented mindset. As a company, we value integrity, creativity, respect, family, and diversity and our team is comprised of people who place these values at the heart of what they do. Living Security is venture-backed by Active Capital, Capital Factory and Cathexis Ventures.

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