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Making Sense Of The Builtworld Via Digital Location And Mapping Technologies

Living Map is a UK based, digital location and mapping business providing a range of solutions to address the challenges faced in the use, trusted navigation and efficient management of complex spaces.

Living Map was founded in 2010 as the research and development arm of the urban design consultancy Applied Wayfinding. The following five years were spent developing and refining prototype digital map applications based upon the ways that people instinctively interact with complex physical spaces. Following the initial launch of a highly detailed and customisable digital mapping platform in 2016, Living Map began a process of continuous development, iteration and launch of new products and capabilities.

The technologies Living Map has developed serve as key building-blocks for smart and responsive city initiatives; enabling and curating a wide range of outcomes. Locations of people or things can be determined both indoor and out, using a combination of available indicators. Maps can be used as real-time geospatial-based communication channels by integrating with a wide variety of data sources. Route guidance can be curated based upon user needs and intentions. Built on the company’s unique, hardware agnostic ‘blue dot’ location software, rich mapping and wayfinding design heritage, these technologies are used by cities, enterprise clients, and institutions globally to activate responsive physical spaces.

These turnkey and modular software solutions sit within the user experience of client owned and managed touch points, be they digital kiosk and public screens, web, or native mobile applications. They can be implemented individually or collectively to address key use cases, either as a standalone product or part of a wider solution. Living Map’s products have now been deployed by a range of public and private sector organisations including Star Alliance, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, Royal United Hospitals Bath, Canary Wharf, The Royal Academy of Art, the City of Edmonton and many others.

Led by a senior team with rich experience in urban design and smart city technologies, Living Map’s unique blend of geospatial experts, engineers and designers combined with an unrivalled understanding of how people interact with their environment, results in a unique approach to digital solutions that provide valuable insight, data and business benefits for the owners and stakeholders of public and private spaces, while simultaneously transforming user experiences for the benefit of the individuals inhabiting and visiting these spaces.

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