Is Focused On Being The Global Leader In Gaming Marketing And Gametech That Works Horizontally Across All Gaming Verticals

Livewire is a global gaming marketing and gametech company that leads major brands and agencies into the gaming ecosystem.

We create bespoke gaming strategies based on proprietary research and knowledge that build authentic and culturally relevant brand positions within the gaming audience and deliver results that build brands fame and cultural relevance through people’s shared passion of gaming.

Our company was formed by the combination of backgrounds of CoFounders Brad Manuel and Indy Khabra. Brad’s esports partnerships, gaming content and gaming talent management experience combined with Indy’s extensive digital and programmatic highlighted an opportunity to agnostically help brands market to the gaming audience utilising experience and a fresh, engaged mindset.

Livewire is an innovator as one of the first companies globally that solely focuses on creating ways for brands to engage the gaming audience in a way that authentically engages generations of digital natives who have lost touch with traditional media.

We are focused on creating innovative marketing products across research, strategy, gametech and gaming marketing, partnering across the gaming ecosystem to create unique brand positions in gaming.

Our goal is to continue to drive innovation for the brands we work with in gaming, requiring us to be on the cutting edge of creating new ways to engage with, provide experiences to and talk to the gaming audience.

Livewire has expanded across APAC and EMEA within our first seven months and are currently building APAC’s largest gaming contextual advertising marketplace. This enables us to work with brands and major advertising bodies alike, providing a range of gaming advertising formats to target the gaming consumers and audience where they are most engaged.

The global nature of gaming and our business provides borderless opportunities to engage with brands and marketing agencies, while our position as thought and practice leaders enables us to work across the gaming verticals based on what strategy dictates.

Livewire is excited about the continual growth of the gaming industry and the opportunity for marketers to gain further exposure and education on ways to utilise gaming marketing and gametech to talk to the gaming audience.

We believe the continual growth of technology, AR, data and gaming as a marketing platform will position the gaming ecosystem as one of the major marketing battlegrounds for brands of the future decades.


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