Is Changing The Way Organizations Perfect Their Documents And Manage Transactions.

Litera (then Microsystems) was born in 1995 to solve a specific problem: helping law firms transition their documents from Word Perfect to Microsoft Word. In the 25 years since the problems that technology can solve have evolved, and so have we. We are built on the notion that the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. Today, Litera is the result of bringing together a number of different organizations to become the industry-leading, end-to-end provider of document lifecycle solutions for law firms and businesses around the world.

We opened our headquarters in downtown Chicago with 60 employees in 2017 and now we have more than 400 employees worldwide. Our fast-paced growth mindset and collaborative work culture have helped us become a leader during Chicago’s growth as a tech hub.

We recognize that documents are the centerpiece of much of business— but they’re also the cause of tremendous inefficiencies, frustrations, and avoidable errors. Technology should offer solutions, but in reality, it can sometimes be a hindrance rather than a help. Users find themselves juggling dozens of single-point solutions that interrupt their workflows and distract them from the thoughtful work they should be doing.

Recently, we expanded the business to include Litera Litigate and Firm Intelligence. The litigation management platform connects every element of your case while Firm Intelligence is a data-driven intelligence platform that streamlines operations about matter management, budgeting, and pricing for law firms. Our technology automates repetitive tasks and checks legal professionals’ written work, improving job satisfaction and quality of life.

Our products boast more than 60,000 daily global users across 90 percent of the world’s largest law firms. And we’re especially proud of our customer retention rate—over 98 percent.

We rely on our Chicago technology community for the talent, camaraderie, and connections we need to continue our extraordinary growth. We started out in the Chicago suburbs in 1995 as Microsystems, and while we’ve grown and branched out over the years, adding satellite offices in New York and London, our commitment to Chicago has never strayed. The community we are a part of here, thanks to organizations like the Illinois Technology Association, Built in Chicago, and 1871, is unparalleled.


We’re excited about what the future holds. This year, we’ve launched Litera TV, a live stream of original content, and hosted our first virtual conference, The Changing Lawyer LIVE!. We are continuing to innovate our products to help our customers focus more time on the work that really matters to the people they serve.

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