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An open-source AI framework to help software developers build neural networks

Liquid Carrot is an open-source AI framework to help software developers build neural networks and deep learning models using structured / unstructured data sets of any kind.

As we find ourselves trapped deeper in the ever-increasing swell of data in the Information Age, it’s becoming evident that we as people no longer have the ability, the bandwidth, nor the thought power alone to even make sense of all the information that is hurdled our way on a daily basis. Even companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are experiencing the growing pains involved in creating and adopting the next tool to power the future of information.

Such a tool will be directly implemented with current technologies that will filter massive data, make accurate decisions, and automate problem solving to heights never seen before. The web ate software and JavaScript ate the web, that’s why today most business software is written in JavaScript, but yet the language most used for AI is still Python; this approach adds complexity and slowdowns to businesses that cause them to lose massive opportunities in leveraging their data and building solutions for their customers.

Liquid Carrot is an open source AI framework written in JavaScript for building deep learning models that software developers can use to automatically build, train, and manage AIs. In our horizon is a platform with a transactional REST API and team features to deploy AI, track AI performance, and manage projects collaboratively in any use case. Our tool today can help developers take all of their day to day information, drive insights to make better decisions, and give them the power to take back what every business truly does, fix problems that are found in the world today. But tomorrow’s tool will do even more.

The story behind Liquid Carrot goes back to when Chris and Luis were running the tech operations of an ecommerce startup in Miami, FL: upon hitting the scaling phase with that startup, two team members alone couldn’t handle the massive amounts of data being parsed every day, and certainly couldn’t handle inventory and stock analysis for 16,000 SKUs, while trying to automate as much of the process as they possibly could all at the same time.

They felt a need to augment their production to keep the company alive and, after some exploration, AI was the best way to do it. But when they looked to the market for available solutions, none were easily implementable, scalable, or dynamic enough to get the job done and so Liquid Carrot was born. As of today, Liquid Carrot has been in operation for just over 24 weeks, but its tool has become the 3rd largest AI-library in the space by download rate and is the fastest growing week over week. The Liquid Carrot Team is on a mission to help democratize AI for the world and give everyone the ability to solve their most pernicious problems.

Liquid Carrot

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