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Helps B2B companies capture hard-to-reach, high-value

LinkedSelling helps B2B companies capture hard-to-reach, high-value leads by building profitable relationships and creating sales opportunities using LinkedIn and email.

At LinkedSelling, we understand how hard it is for business owners, marketers, and sales teams to consistently get the quality leads they need in order to grow, but we don’t just help our clients get the lead. We help them ‘take the lead’ in their industry.

We’re here because early in his career, Josh Turner, LinkedSelling founder and CEO, was part of two amazing and very successful companies, but both failed and had to close their doors permanently simply because they couldn’t generate enough steady business. He resolved to never live through that again and quickly realized he needed a system to grow business consistently and keep cash flow steady.

He found one and along with Ben Kniffen, LinkedSelling’s co-founder and President, built LinkedSelling from the ground up. It’s since become our mission to provide business owners with a proven system that will erase the struggle to generate quality leads.  Too many businesses are forced to close their doors because they struggle to generate new leads, but we believe that business owners hold the future and that you deserve better.

At the core of our approach is the proven appointment generation system we rely on to deliver those quality leads month after month. It’s called the L.E.A.D. Blueprint, which represents the four pillars of the system:

Leadership: Create Your Foundation & Define Your High-End Prospects
Elevate: Optimize Your Positioning in the Marketplace to Appeal to Those Prospects
Attract: Zero in on Your Prospects and Add them to Your Database of Connections
Develop Relationships: Launch Your Lead Gen Messaging Machine

It isn’t enough to “get leads.” The L.E.A.D. Blueprint helps our clients find, attract, and connect with the right leads, making revenue more predictable, relationships more profitable, and influence more widespread. Our focus is to make quality connections—again and again—and turn each one into an enduring partnership. This is how we help our clients take the lead.


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