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Linebox provides a fresh and progressive outlook on how people live, work, and play in the
architectural context, and we believe that the client is at the centre of the design-build process. Our
mission is clear: collaborate with clients, builders, trades, craftspeople, and suppliers to create great design
that truly reflects the client’s character.




Launched in 2007, Linebox has always set out to disrupt norms and approach design differently. Our initial work was in residential design, and our first office was a few desks in the storage room of another architect’s office in Toronto.

After a few years, we started to grow up and moved out, expanding into commercial work for restaurants, retail, and offices and eventually adding an office in Ottawa and most recently in Montreal.Today, we have 30 architects, designers and support staff in 3 cities, working on projects all over the place.


Our goal is to continue to deliver designs that disrupt norms, astound our client partners and challenge us to try new things and to do better. We offer end-to-end architectural services that include interiors. In both our residential and commercial design, we focus on delivering something we call Quality of Space™.

This is the notion of designing a space to its best potential considering those who will be using it. We always ask ourselves: how can we design to create the best possible Quality of Space? Everything that affects the “Quality of Space” is taken into account in our designs: light, acoustics, materiality, context, and flow—because good design is never just about one thing.


It’s about achieving an ideal balance between the need for efficiency, beauty, and sustainability with the ability to inspire and demonstrate true character and identity of the client.That’s why our design process begins with listening intently to their needs. It allows us to connect them, or their brand character, to their space through great design.

At the start of a project, we assemble the best team for the job, involving them early on to best leverage their experience. We’ve spent years developing strong relationships with the consultants, contractors, trades, craftspeople, and suppliers we call upon.




We love transparency and simplicity, and so we do everything in-house, including all design work: architectural, interior, lighting, millwork, acoustics, furniture design and procurement, landscaping, and LEED/sustainability—which we see as inherent in good design.

It’s something that is considered from the outset of any project and applied throughout the entire design/build process. We’re an environmentally conscious studio and have several LEED-certified architects on our team.


Design is sometimes viewed simply as a necessary corporate expense. When done properly, however, good design can have a critical impact on a business’ success. We have seen that the right space can positively affect corporate revenues, increase staff retention, and encourage innovation and performance, while also contributing to better customer experiences.


But we’re not just about good design; we’re about good people. We’re a genuinely curious bunch and are always looking to learn more, improve our skills, and build relationships. At Linebox, we’re very proud of the amazing group that makes up our team. They’re skilled, experienced, and really like what they do. We think you’ll really like it, too.


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