Is To Accelerate And Enhance Access To Behavioral Screening And Genetic Diagnostics




Lineagen’s mission is to accelerate and enhance access to behavioral screening and genetic diagnostics to transform care for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other disorders of childhood development. By combining the most advanced testing technology with dedicated genetic counseling and insurance support, we make genetic answers accessible and timely for these children and their families.

Lineagen assists families and their healthcare providers access to high quality genetic tests with a goal of helping personalize medical management for those with autism spectrum disorder and other neurodevelopmental disabilities. To date, Lineagen has been providing genetic testing services to families and their healthcare providers for over 9 years and performed over 60,000 tests for those with neurodevelopmental concerns.

We developed our services with families in mind, including DNA collection through a cheek swab (rather than a blood draw). We have several testing options, including chromosomal microarray, fragile X syndrome testing, whole exome and whole genome sequencing, and pharmacogenomic testing. Lineagen helps speed up the diagnostic process by offering, a free online screening tool to help determine if children are at risk for autism spectrum disorder. Additionally, we now offer a telehealth platform through that allows families access to genetic testing from the convenience of home without needing to wait months to see a specialist. All services include access to licensed/certified genetic counselors who discuss differences in tests, explain the results, and provide resources and information for next steps.

Whether it’s helping with behavioral screening, understanding test results and the implications to family planning, or navigating the insurance process, we help you every step of the way.

Often times, parents are told many possible explanations for their child’s symptoms without ever receiving a definitive and accurate diagnosis. Today, FirstStepDx PLUS® and NextStepDx PLUS® testing services help providers pinpoint the genetic cause of delay and develop a personalized healthcare management program for their patients. Testing today means more appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

Our FirstStepDx PLUS uses chromosomal microarray (CMA) testing technology can detect hundreds of genetic conditions and is recommended as the first-tier test for developmental delay according to nationally accepted guidelines. Our NextStepDx PLUS uses whole exome sequencing (WES) testing technology as a second-line test to detect genetic variations that FirstStepDx PLUS CMA might not detect.

For parents, one of the most important advantages in testing with Lineagen is that we don’t require a blood draw to get a DNA sample. No needles, no tears; all of Lineagen’s tests, including FirstStepDx PLUS and NextStepDx PLUS, use a painless cheek swab for DNA sampling.

After your test is run, we give you the results, in a detailed, easyto-understand and personalized report. If you have questions about your results, you can contact our team of licensed/certified genetic counselors.

Finally, we are the insurance-reimbursement experts. Our team of reimbursement specialists handles everything, from preauthorizations to appeals, so the insurance burden doesn’t fall on you or your doctor.

While there are many laboratories that provide genetic testing, Lineagen is the only laboratory solely dedicated to children’s health issues and that provides these additional levels of service for families. We’re helping individuals with developmental delay and autism spectrum disorder through our cutting-edge genetic testing services, clinically-impactful reports, and insurance-reimbursement expertise.

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