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Joins the INNOVATE® Scholar Gamers Program

INNOVATE® Gaming & Esports Press Release

Global Village Publishing is excited to share that LimpidFrog is joining the INNOVATE® Gaming & Esports Scholar Gamers Program.

The INNOVATE® Gaming & Esports book showcases the innovators and innovation enablers within the gaming and esports industry’s innovation ecosystem. Featuring Indie game developers, esports investors, blockchain gaming, gaming law firms, and influential gamers, INNOVATE® Gaming & Esports is helping innovators and innovation enablers to connect and succeed.

In support of the rising talents and protecting the youth in the gaming and esports community, INNOVATE® initiated its Scholar Gamers Program. Our goals are to make esports more accessible and sustainable as well as create a safe gaming environment for youth gamers. The Scholar Gamers Program will educate and guide gamers on aspects such as online safety and cybersecurity, while also providing resources and support.

This program presents a unique opportunity for gamers, parents, teachers, business and community leaders to engage with this audience on a meaningful level. The gaming and esports industry is one of the fastest-growing at $180 billion and over 3 billion gamers worldwide. It also transcends age, gender, location and politics for a globally shared experience of gaming and gaming culture.

LimpidFrog is an art and design service to Indie and small-sized gaming companies in India, Chile, Hong Kong, France, and the United States. This company has grown in size and scope to create entertainment I.P. for multi-branched media.

Joining the INNOVATE® Gaming & Esports Scholar Gamers Program enables LimpidFrog to further engage with the gaming community in a direct and authentic method. Our shared goals are to create a safe gaming environment for youth gamers.

We’re proud LimpidFrog is participating in our Scholar Gamers Program. This art and design company is placing considerable resources and efforts to enable innovative ways for gamers of all levels to get involved in this community.

For more information on INNOVATE® Gaming and Esports, please contact Marcus Howard

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