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AJ - Kidney Recipient

During its more than 30-year history, over 50,000 patients throughout Florida and the U.S. have received life-saving organ transplants, and more than a million patients have improved their quality of life through tissue transplantation. All patients benefit due to the selfless donors who provide the gifts of life, and their families, who support that decision. The Foundation, headquartered in Tampa, FL, has five divisions, including three organ procurement organizations – LifeLink® of Florida, LifeLink® of Georgia and LifeLink® of Puerto Rico – LifeLink® Transplantation Immunology Laboratory and LifeLink® Tissue Bank. In addition, the LifeLink Legacy Fund® develops philanthropic resources to support the organ recovery and transplantation activities of LifeLink®.

LifeLink Tissue Bank - Processing tissue

LifeLink Tissue Bank is the largest non-profit tissue bank in the Southeastern United States and provides more than 40,000 allografts annually to orthopedic surgeons and neurological specialists. The staff specializes in the processing and distribution of spine, sports and general orthopedic grafts.

LifeLink organ recovery organizations are dedicated to serving patients in need of transplant therapy, and their families. They collaborate with hospitals, medical professionals, medical examiners, law enforcement and the public to save lives.
The LifeLink Transplantation Immunology Laboratory matches potential organ donors with patients waiting on a transplant, protects patient safety and improves organ transplant outcomes. The LifeLink Transplantation Immunology Laboratory works rigorously to ensure that transplant recipients receive the best possible outcome after they receive a transplanted organ.
LifeLink supports research efforts to enhance the available supply of organs and tissues for transplant patients and to improve patient clinical outcomes after transplantation, and participates in partnership with organizations whose projects and objectives complement our life-saving mission.

Marquita - Liver Recipient

Steve Fidrych - Tissue Recipient

A few of those whose lives are impacted by an organ and/or tissue donor include:

  • Steve – partially paralyzed, ruptured his bicep, which was devastating due to his already limited mobility. A tissue transplant allowed Steve’s arm movement to return and for him to regain control over his life. “As a paralyzed individual, my arms are so important,” says Steve. “I will be forever grateful to my donor family for my gift of mobility.”
  • Marquita – was a dancer, until she was diagnosed with a chronic liver disease. She received a life-saving liver transplant and, following recovery, started a non-profit Arts company that presents dance performances. She says: “I am grateful for this precious gift. I think of my donor family and their loved ones daily. I strive to honor them through my efforts to be the best person that I can be.”
  • And the family of A.J. – a toddler who underwent dialysis for two-and-a-half years before his life-saving kidney transplant. Now A.J. is able to do normal toddler activities. “We cannot thank his donor family enough for the opportunity for A.J. to have a normal childhood,” shares his mom.


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