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Life365 provides an innovative Virtual Care Platform that brings a range of care management solutions and services to patients at home and outside traditional points of care. Life365 streamlines integration and deployment of solutions, enabling healthcare payers and providers to implement and maintain remote care management programs efficiently and economically.


The Life365 founding team, led by CEO Kent Dicks, has brought innovative remote care technology to market since 2006. Kent’s previous start up, MedApps, helped shape the mobile health landscape, creating one of the first affordable IoT solutions in healthcare.

Now, Life365 is dedicated to connecting more people and care providers with a new generation of digital health tools on an integrated platform. From technology to clinical support provided by one of the nation’s largest medical services providers, the Life365 platform facilitates alignment and distribution of healthcare goods and services for remote care management, enabling providers and payers to benefit from new reimbursement opportunities available as of 2020.


Today’s digital health companies are creating a wide range of sensor-based products for diagnostics, and software solutions for user engagement. Unfortunately, these companies are approaching the market disparately. Physicians don’t have the resources to vet what works, how to get the best solutions in patients’ hands, and then integrate them into their clinical workflow.

With a single integration point, the Life365 platform increases interoperability and improves effectiveness among disparate digital health solutions, facilitating significant cost savings and enabling clinicians to make informed treatment decisions from biometric and engagement data gathered wherever patients are located.


Life365’s integrated solutions arm clinicians and patients with the tools needed to drive better outcomes, while fulfilling the need to deliver a broader, more diverse range of health and care products to consumers who make up payer populations. Integrated solutions include connected health devices, software platforms, remote monitoring services, education, coaching and nurse navigation. The spectrum of services offered enables alignment of the right solutions with the right users, to drive better engagement that helps keep healthcare consumers connected to their care teams – everyday.


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