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Innovation is about changing everything. And yet not changing at all.

After all, marketers everywhere face a constant challenge to continue securing emotional relationships with their constituents as accelerating technology both enables and disables their ability to secure them.
So, we say, yes, by all means, change along with technology. Follow your customers and prospects as they move from platform to platform, device to device, and configure the brand relationship accordingly. We’ve seen it, done it, and remain committed to it. Never before has it been easier for brands to script engagements that live in the minds and souls of their constituents. AI lives. Programmatic lives. Video lives. Data lives.  Influencers live. Same-hour delivery lives. It seems tantalizingly easy for marketers to focus on technology to create compelling one-to-one brand relationships and morph them into one-to-many relationships, driven by ability to script and track brand experiences more closely than ever before.
And yet, the sterility of having a brand relationship live between the confines of a screen and a brain trained to permit just a few fleeting seconds of interaction is rapidly minimizing the emotional connection brands so seek to own. There is less time. Content evolves. Barriers to purchase are blurred and erased. Ironically, becoming technologically closer through innovation may inadvertently create more fleeting brand affairs instead of deeper ones.

LevLane is a group of curious, talented, passionate, and creative individuals who work with clients every day to uncover the answer to our company creed, “Who Loves Ya?” We do this by building brands from the inside out and finding out what it is about our clients that will earn the love and trust of their constituents. We create brand architectures and strategies that are as effective as they are beautiful. And because we’re as focused on the technical strategies to fill your pipeline as we are on the creative, our work doesn’t just win hearts. It wins business.

To master technology is to make it disappear.
Through all of this, what we say cannot change is the need to focus on branding from the inside out. To truly get at the emotional connective tissue that represents who a brand is within its innermost core, the
reason it exists and its purpose. For we say, the brand cannot be eclipsed by the whims and demands of the technology of the day. It must occupy a moment and a feeling that others cannot find in the minds of those it seeks. So now, more than ever, our responsibility is to craft brands with such emotional presence that they transcend both time and technology.
This is why we subscribe to an underlying philosophy that’s worked for us and our clients; one that simply asks “Who Loves Ya?” Why? Because “love” explains and illuminates the core affinity that exists between a brand and those it engages. Those who find deeper meaning in it. Tell their friends about it. And take on an inherent trust that translates into lifetime loyalty.
It is not easy. But we have achieved it. For many. By reaching into the hearts and minds of those we wish to convince. Looking at the world through their eyes. Understanding the connection between their souls
and the soul of the brand. Holistically bringing to bear many different disciplines that can speak for the brand, all different, yet all in the same voice. Because we know in the end, it’s the spark they will remember— not the wire.

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