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Founded in 2010, Lelander is a software development studio providing digital experience strategy, design, and development consulting to regional small-to-medium businesses, marketing & advertising agencies, and startups nationally

WeGood, a Quality Assurance platform, helps non-QA professionals manage and report on functional testing. We saw a gap in the marketplace based on our observations on how several clients were conducting QA testing, and we decided to start building software that preceded our largest software project to date.

This project had lots of moving parts and a team of 14 working on it. It truly brought to light the lack of time, insufficient tracking methods, and unqualified professionals performing QA. Generally speaking, marketing agencies don’t have trained QA professionals, so it often falls to account executives or project managers to perform QA and note the process in an Excel file that gets passed back and forth—this practice is not ideal, to say the least.

At the time, our own QA processes were budding from a technology focus, and our methods came to us from the developer community, since that’s what we relied on. For a long time, we used a combination of a Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and Unit Tests, but the output from these tests is hard to read and there isn’t a convenient way to translate them into a readable report that we could share with our clients.

The idea for WeGood started from the desire to format the output of Automated Functional Tests into a format that clients can read. Since Automated Functional Testing is brittle and expensive to write, we needed to figure out a practical solution. We therefore settled on building a system to manage manual Functional Testing and incorporated reporting on Unit Tests as well. We also wanted to remove all technical jargon in BDD and make it easily understood for a non-QA professional.

So with the development of WeGood, you can now build a battery of tests, recording results as a user follows them step by step using a particular browser or device, and confirm or deny if specific actions work as intended. And WeGood isn’t only for functional testing. While we worked on this, we saw the need to build a system that helped manage QA visually. So between the-easy-to read reports and Visual QA, we have made a product that we not only offer to others but also use ourselves. Now, Lelander and some clients are using WeGood regularly to manage their QA workflows, and report on progress over time, as new software is being developed.


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