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Innovation is Part of our DNA

We never settle for less, even when excellence is the limit we impose upon ourselves. We believe it is always possible to do better, to go even further in the value of the solutions we offer to our customers. We are naturally restless about the possibilities that remain unexplored. For all of these reasons, we believe that innovation is part of LeasePlan Portugal’s DNA.

At LeasePlan, everyone matters, and innovation follows a method which involves the entire organization. Since 2013 we have recorded 1,270 ideas. 327 of them have been successfully implemented.

Yes. At LeasePlan, we believe that creativity and the ability to innovate are what takes us closer towards giving our customers the very best. This is the purpose and the ultimate end of our desire to innovate. Even when our results make us stand out as leaders, we refuse to be complacent. We strive for our competitiveness focusing on what really matters: the solutions which help to streamline our customers’ mobility each and every day. In other words, innovation always has a clear goal, which is served by a method and must later bring us a result. At LeasePlan Portugal, this process of evolving through innovation has been leveraged around three cornerstones:

1. Listening to customers. This is where it all begins. Making customers the center of our attention is crucial. Thus, customer centricity is a crucial driver to our innovation process. Meeting customers’ needs is what makes us want to keep raising the bar on our service and on the efficiency of our solutions. It is a proactive, dynamic and rejuvenating way of “listening”. Evaluations, recommendations and complaints are thus analysed, and may lead to changes in processes. Using design thinking methodology, we troubleshoot and study problems raised by customers, their unfulfilled expectations and the real needs they face in their daily routines.

2. Innovation process. At LeasePlan, everyone matters. Consequently, we have created a collaborative platform in which any employee is able to share – ideas, which are then analysed and made eligible for implementation. We have an innovation team which, in conjunction with our internal innovation ambassador’s network – 16 people from all areas of the company – studies and validates the proposed ideas. Since it was created in 2013, we have already recorded 1,270 ideas, 327 of which have been successfully implemented. Many of them have solved customers’ problems. LeasePlan’s innovation ambassadors’ network are in charge of sustaining the internal dynamic among our teams with the cutting-edge spirit of being “change setters”. Each year, we also award innovation prizes, organized by categories of ideas. This also acknowledges the importance of focusing on innovation among our employees.

3. Success stories. Implementing ideas which solve customer roadblocks and enhance our value proposition is the corollary of this entire innovation process. In a very efficient manner, and in parallel with the digital transformation we are putting into practice, we have been able to transform traditional rental services into cutting-edge solutions. “Oficina Fácil”, where customers can schedule car services by locating a certified partner and the “APP LeasePlan Portugal”, which allows the management of day-to-day vehicle needs, are examples of existing digital solutions which provide additional convenience to our customers. Similarly, fleet management, using data science, and the “My Fleet” portal are two other innovative examples of “tools” used by our customers to efficiently manage their fleets.

“Oficina Fácil”, “APP LeasePlan Portugal” and the “My Fleet” portal are examples of existing innovations which are part of the digital solutions’ ecosystem we offer to our customers.

Oferecer soluções que aproveitam o melhor do digital é uma orientação estratégica da LeasePlan.


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