Their core product, Gameplan, helps players of all ages acquire real-world skills that aid professional development, cognitive abilities, promote healthy habits, and more.

Rasmus Sandstöm and Dan Andreasson started Learn2Esport in 2016 with the vision of engaging students through esports, and teaching them valuable life skills to prepare them for future success. Their background as semi-professional esports players in CS:GO, and their passion for education, fueled their desire to offer something meaningful to the esports landscape.

Their story began in 2011 at Keita Gaming, a non-profit tournament organization founded by the two entrepreneurs. Through this venture Rasmus and Dan hosted tournaments for Swedish youth and built an academy program. Their roster of over 25,000 members was filled with pro-teams, pro-streamers, and academy members.

Through this experience, Dan and Rasmus found that the world of esports lacked an esports management and educational platform. They wanted a way to bring the lessons they learned at Keita Gaming to a bigger audience, and provide an easy way to deliver these lessons to players.

This led to the creation of Learn2Esport, and the birth of their core product – a robust and scalable esports management and learning platform known as Gameplan. The full suite of features available in the platform enable anyone, of any skill level, to effectively grow and manage their esport program. The platform is now the backbone of esports curriculum, summer camps, academies, and more.

Gameplan is led by a strong team of educators, coaches, researchers, analysis and professional players. While the Learn2Esport office is founded and headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, the company benefits from the expertise provided by its employees around the world – all of whom are gamers themselves.

Gameplan offers over 500 hours of content across multiple game titles. The expanding content library is maintained and updated with each new game patch, so the lessons are always accurate.

Players can hone their skills through perfectly timed practice drills that are integrated into the learning content. Both coaches and players can take advantage of unique features such as gameplay reviews, which provide the ability to offer direct feedback in the video using annotations, captions, drawings, and more.

Features within the platform also serve to mitigate a common struggle in the esports world; getting parents to understand the value behind gaming. Features such as player journals were created to provide students the opportunity to reflect on their skills, what they have improved upon, and their emotions. This allows parents to see how esports encourages critical thinking, self-reflection and more.

The core goal behind all lesson material is to ensure students are learning skills they can apply to a variety of real-world situations. The curriculum within Gameplan also serves to ensure students maintain a focus on important subjects like nutrition, proper sleep schedules, fitness, and more.

Lesson material around complementary subjects in esports are continuously being added, this gives students who enjoy esports but don’t necessarily want to become pro-players, a path to a career in the esports industry. Partnerships like that with Twitch, provide content around subjects such as developing and honing skills as a streamer.

With its constantly expanding library of content and features for managing esports players and teams, Gameplan offers the esports world an opportunity to focus on building best-in-class programs by harnessing the power of the Gameplan platform.


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