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Innovating means giving yourself as an organization the ability to lead the pack—a key position that enables you to exert a positive pull in your community. It is a strength that brings together the various players in a given industry towards a common goal, a collaborative strength that is fundamental to developing and establishing a responsible, sustainable society. It is a strength that leads to excellence.

It is now essential for all organizations engaged in innovation to assume their role as leaders and nurture their ecosystem. Together, we are working to promote an innovative mindset in businesses across Quebec. We instill a desire for improvement with the aim of maximizing the synergy of our teams and inspire those around us to move further and dream bigger. Collectively, we are building a more innovative Quebec.

By achieving solutions that contribute to the sustainability of an industry or open up new markets, the Synchronex CCTT Network acts as a catalyst for socioeconomic development. Aligning our activities with the main national strategies, we are the spearhead of various government initiatives. For almost 40 years, CCTTs have been institutional levers giving the public research sector the agility it needs to address the issues and challenges facing our society.

Today, this reality revolves mainly around the fight against climate change, the impacts of which have direct repercussions on the environment and our quality of life. Forests and oceans are home to biodiversity that we must preserve through sustainable action. Clean and renewable energies are now fundamental to the prosperity of our industries and to reducing our ecological footprint as a collectivity. And while digitization brings greater operational efficiency and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions through supply chain and process optimization and automation, efforts to increase food self-sufficiency and agricultural resilience in Quebec are making local products more accessible, for the benefit of our communities. Other challenges, such as labour issues, are becoming increasingly complex and require social reflection, an analytical framework based on specific sociodemographic data and an approach clearly focused on people and their environment. Each of these matters of concern deserves reliable, neutral and independent support so that we can put forward solutions that are both promising and tailored to the needs of the various sectors— and this is precisely what our network is all about!

The CCTTs’ organizational structure fosters a sense of collegiality that is reflected in their approach. Their combined strengths magnify their efficiency to offer unique expert support for all types of organizations. Grouped together in teams, our members form an operative force capable of meeting the toughest of challenges. With organizations’ needs as the core focus of our work, we promote the decompartmentalization of knowledge through a cross-disciplinary approach to innovation.

We are proud to endorse values such as collaboration and efficiency. Excellence takes root in the innovation ecosystem thanks to the quality of our projects and the multiple benefits derived from them regionally. The relationship of trust built up by CCTTs with businesses and key players in their field is unique and has continued for many years.

As Quebec’s leading vehicle for applied research, we strongly believe that we, through our mission and our members’ expertise, are advancing innovative technologies and social practices. By supporting businesses that are keen to innovate, we equip them with the right tools to achieve their full potential. We are catalysts for innovation rooted in sustainable development. We are vehicles for collaboration, a driving force working with you to build the Quebec of tomorrow!

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