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Legal Lab on Artificial Intelligence (L3 IA)

Lavery created the Lavery Legal Lab on Artificial Intelligence (L31A) to analyze and monitor recent and anticipated developments in the field of artificial intelligence from a legal perspective.

L3IA is interested in all projects involving artificial intelligence (AI) and their legal particularities, especially the various branches and applications of artificial intelligence that will shortly be seen in every business and industry.

In serving our clients, L3 IA members frequently offer guidance to organizations on the legal aspects of AI implementation so that they can improve their productivity and efficiency, enhance quality control, offer products that are innovative in their field, and better service their clientele.

Over the years, L3 IA has assisted clients with the development and protection of their intellectual property, including through patenting, for technologies using AI. In addition, it offers in-depth legal expertise on cybersecurity issues.

Eric Lavallée: partner, trademark agent, and artificial intelligence developer in his spare time

Eric Lavallée is the head of L3 IA. He focuses his law practice on the fields of intellectual property, privacy protection, corporate governance and the analysis of the impacts of AI on business law.

He is regularly called upon to assist businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporations, in drafting high technology licensing agreements and commercial contracts as well as implementing protection and due diligence strategies for intellectual property.

Eric holds a Master’s degree in physics and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. He is also interested in quantum computing issues.

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