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Launchable, an immersive technology company located in the heart of downtown Orlando, has been making waves within the fast-growing augmented reality (AR) space. With humble beginnings focused on utilizing its innovative tech to help facilitate education, especially for users with early-stage learning problems, Launchable has realized not only the positive educational effects possible with AR, but its enterprise potential as well.

As esteemed practitioners in this infantile space, the Launchable team has become positioned as Orlando’s premier AR company, through their passion for innovative use cases, technologies, and applications. By always focusing on what’s ahead, Launchable provides a special offering that encompasses everything – from consultation through to actual build and implementation.

Attention is the name of the game when it comes to business, and Launchable knows how to grab yours.

The team
The creative team at Launchable works tirelessly to help facilitate the business goals of its clients, through the engagement and analysis of their end users. The blend of their technology expertise, business process knowledge, and creative prowess has driven Launchable projects into a robust roster of companies, industries, and countries alike.

Grassroots-raised through the Orlando technology scene, Launchable may have grown in team size and project scope, but they have not changed a bit. Launchable has been committed to the community from which they sprouted through their involvement with local technology meetup, Orlando Tech and Beer, which has recently rebranded to just Tech and Beer, in order to facilitate the launch of these events around the globe. Launchable team members make up a large number of leadership positions on this community board, and in turn recommit their passion as it refers to the growth of the Orlando tech scene as a whole.

All in all, Launchable has combined its passion, expertise, and community focus to grow a company from what was at one point a “fun-to-have” tech, into a viable enterprise option for driving user engagement. Attention is the name of the game when it comes to business, and Launchable knows how to grab yours.

Be sure to explore their app “Launchable” on IOS and Google Play to experience a glimpse into what is possible within the world of AR. Furthermore, if you like what you see and want to bring your images to life, you NEED to check out their self-service AR platform, which allows you to simply “Launch” your targets in a matter of minutes. Launchable is one of the hungriest and most innovative companies in the Orlando space today. Don’t fall behind your competition as they launch into the next wave of user engagement.

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