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Las Olas Venture Capital (LOVC) stands out in the venture capital ecosystem as an early-stage firm dedicated to transforming the B2B software sector. Founded in 2015 and based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, LOVC has quickly distinguished itself by leading investment rounds with an initial check size typically ranging from $1 to $3 million. LOVC focuses on companies navigating the early product-market fit stage and poised for significant growth. LOVC Founding Partners Mark Volchek and Dean Hatton scaled HigherOne from 0 to IPO, emphasizing their operational edge as investors. Their operator-turned-investor ethos helps them win the best deals, pick the right teams, and support those teams as they scale.

LOVC’s investment philosophy is centered around a “low-frequency, high-conviction” approach. This approach allows them to work closely with portfolio companies, providing not just capital but strategic guidance and deep operational support. This approach reflects their commitment to fund and actively contribute to their investments’ growth trajectories.

A key component of LOVC’s strategy is its focus on sectors where technology can significantly optimize outdated business workflows, thus delivering measurable ROI. The sectors they target include Enterprise SaaS, Supply Chain and Logistics, Knowledge Worker Tools, Health Technology, and more, reflecting a broad but focused investment thesis that values transformative potential over narrow market niches.

LOVC is led by Partners Mark Volchek, Dean Hatton, and Nate Vasel. Asif Khan and Scotty Lefkowitz are Senior Associates at the firm and have been with LOVC since graduating undergrad. Zach Rubin is the Platform Manager at LOVC and the newest hire, who has also been with LOVC since graduation.

LOVC’s commitment to the South Florida venture scene is particularly noteworthy. Mark Volchek, founding partner at LOVC, emphasizes the firm’s role in supporting the regional ecosystem’s growth and expansion. “Since its inception, LOVC has actively contributed to developing the South Florida tech community through various events and community engagements, fostering an environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship”.

The firm’s operational expertise is further enriched by its selective portfolio, including companies like OneRail (Orlando), ReloQuest (South Florida), and Letterhead (Miami), which are emerging as potential category leaders of their respective industries. This selective portfolio strategy maximizes potential returns and ensures that each portfolio company receives the requisite attention and resources to succeed. LOVC Partner and former attorney Nate Vasel emphasizes, “From day one of our investment, every founder we work with has full access to anyone on the team. We seek to take board seats for every investment and work closely with all of our founders one-on-one.”

Las Olas Venture Capital is more than just a funding source for high-potential startups. It is a vital partner with extensive operational experience and a strategic approach to each investment. By focusing on companies that leverage technology to redefine industries, LOVC is not only investing in individual companies but is also playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of technology and innovation. As they continue to support and grow alongside their portfolio companies, their impact on the venture capital landscape is poised to expand further, making them a key player in the industry’s evolution.

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