Las Olas VC

A seed-stage fund based in South Florida focused exclusively on B2B tech




Las Olas VC (“LOVC”) is a seed-stage fund based in South Florida focused exclusively on B2B tech. Our strategy is low-frequency and high conviction, investing $1-3M into less than 20 companies. We lead rounds, take board seats, and work closely with our portfolio company founders.

LOVC was founded in late 2015 by Mark Volchek, Dean Hatton, Esteban Reyes, and Paul Tanner, with the vision of being able to address gaps they saw in the South Florida VC ecosystem. At the time, many great companies were struggling to stay in Florida and successfully grow due to a lack of local investors at the Seed and Series A stages.

Given our background as B2B founders ourselves, we felt that we were in a unique position to be the investor-of-choice for these entrepreneurs. Our first fund launched at the beginning of 2017 and ultimately raised just under $30 million, which we have now deployed into 13 portfolio companies to date. Today, we actively support the early stage ecosystem here in South Florida through our investments in several Broward and Miami based startups, with whom we closely work with as board members and strategic advisors.

LOVC focuses on a theme we call “The Intelligent Enterprise.” We believe productivity concerns are driving enterprise technology adoption in legacy industries, and a new generation of startups are creating tools to meet these challenges outside of Silicon Valley. Further, the lack of lead VCs at the seed stage in these markets creates an opportunity for us to aggressively pursue the best B2B technology. Through our values of focus, courage, humility, conviction, and friendliness paired along with our deep operating experience in B2B technology companies, Las Olas VC has built a reputation as a trusted early-stage VC partner for the best B2B tech entrepreneurs in these emerging ecosystems.

We strive to see every B2B deal in our target markets and select the very best opportunities. The diligence process is highly selective, reviewing over 1,000 new deals per year and approving less than 1% of the opportunities that we review for potential investment. Our systematic approach to understanding market opportunities, product differentiation, and team execution capabilities allow us to get to a position of high conviction within a short amount time. We win deals by making quick decisions with certainty, leading rounds, and building trust with founders through adding value as a partner, not just an investor.

Our Approach

LOVC has experience founding, running, and growing B2B technology businesses successfully.

Operating Model

With over 70 years of combined experience operating and investing in startups across all stages, LOVC focuses on B2B focus investments, and implements a hands-on approach.

B2B, Early Stage Companies
We focus exclusively on early-stage B2B companies because it’s what we know, and we believe there is unique opportunity within our given thesis of the Intelligent Enterprise. Our strategy is low-frequency and high conviction, investing $1-3M into <20 companies.

Hands-on Support with Founders
We lead rounds, take board seats, and work closely with founders. Our value-add comes from supporting founders through the key activities that lead to scaling product-market fit.

High Conviction Approach
We invest behind teams with asymmetrical insight in a specific industry problem, take action roles in each of our investments, and every company receives full partner attention.

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