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Lagoas Park is a premium Business Park with approximately 133 thousand square meters spread over 20 buildings: mostly in 14 office buildings that were designed with an integrated vision that unites companies, people, the environment and technology, all of which ensure the venture’s sustainable development.


It is the largest office park on the Iberian Peninsula, based in Oeiras. Henderson Park, along with CBRE Portugal, are committed to maintaining and improving the Park´s position as one of Portugal’s leading business parks through substantial capital investment, community engagement and place-making programmes, which will ensure Lagoas Park remains the market leader in attracting and retaining international and multicultural tenants.

This project, built around a design strategy that contributes to improved well-being and human performance, attracts talent, aids corporate efficiency and optimizes resources.

Resident companies, which include several world class brands, benefit from the “all included” premium service provided by Lagoas Park so that they can focus solely on their business.

Unlike the majority of office complexes, Lagoas Park has on its premises many amenities that add to the convenience of everyone working here: a hotel, a congress center, a health club and school, shops, restaurants and cafes, all set amid beautiful green surroundings.


Lagoas Park benefits from modern infrastructures and buildings designed to be sustainable.

As an example, to make use of natural light the central halls have glass ceilings, and the panes are made of silk screen printed glass, so as to lower the thermal load and thereby reduce airconditioning system energy consumption.

The interior lighting was designed using efficient technology, with lower electrical energy consumption and the use of high frequency electronic ballasts (up to a 20% saving compared to traditional ballasts) associated to LED lamps.


The overall quality of the construction and the existent modern technology ensures cost reduction and reduces our ecological footprint.

However, being able to connect with nature is perhaps one of the most appreciated characteristics of our Park.

Vast area of gardens, lakes and waterfalls are all invites for the community to relax either by sitting on a bench or simply strolling along the Park, one of the activities that employees opt for in this atmosphere in which they find peace and inspiration during their breaks.


Of course a green structure’s success is always dependent upon the species’ suitability to the local ecological conditions, as well as the level of maintenance required. Thus, the defining principle behind the choice of the species to be planted is bioecology and sustainability.


The landscaping project and the successive upgrades always favoured the use of native or sub-native species, perfectly adapted to the enterprise’s location.

Of especial note in this context is the vegetation along the urban parks river banks, the use of trees, bushes and herbaceous plants that are resistant to drought.

The park has clumps of bushes which produce berries, and thus attract animals that help control pests and diseases.

In this way Lagoas Park has transformed the place – from a non-irrigated area to one with a variety of green zones. New habitats were created, which naturally brought new species to the site.


But that’s not all – at Lagoas Park, we are proudly all about People and our optimal conditions might have contributed to many of our companies having won awards throughout the past years for “Best Place to Work”.

The holding of events that contribute to the social well-being of users and the local community, such as: get-togethers, concerts, themed events, fairs and green markets but also Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives like blood donor campaigns, health screenings among others, might be the reason we have such a tight-knit community.





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