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The L-SPARK acceleration model positions companies to propel their revenues to $100k MRR and beyond. Leveraging established relationships with key venture capital firms, angel investors, and the investment community at large, L-SPARK’s goal is to scale Canada’s best in SaaS to 10x revenue growth and Series A funding.

L-SPARK also drives innovation with its two corporate accelerator programs. In partnership with BlackBerry QNX, L-SPARK works with startups focused on vehicle connected services and cloud connectivity to the vehicle and with TELUS, BlackBerry, and Solace, L-SPARK works on secure IoT solutions. Through these initiatives, L-SPARK pairs multinational organizations with startups to create fruitful collaborations.

To date, L-SPARK has accelerated 51 companies with over 50% of those companies raising follow-on funding, totaling over $45 million. The companies are headquartered across Canada and exist in verticals such as SaaS, AV, IoT, cybersecurity and more.

L-SPARK is also the co-founder of SAAS NORTH, Canada’s go-to SaaS conference for founders, executives, service providers, investors and their teams; facilitating networking, knowledge-sharing, and access to resources to scale-up.

Leo presenting the State of SaaS report at SAAS NORTH. This annual report highlights investments made into SaaS companies over the year and signals the industries that are receiving the most attention.

Each year, L-SPARK graduates its accelerator cohort at SaaS Showcase, a celebration of tech and startups. Pictured here are the 2019 event founders, the L-SPARK team, and guest speaker, Mark MacLeod.


L-SPARK was co-founded by Leo Lax and Patrick White. Leo brings valuable experience as a practiced veteran of both the corporate and entrepreneurial sides of the telecom sector. Before L-SPARK, Leo was the CEO and co-founder of Skypoint Capital, a venture capital firm specializing in telecom.

Patrick is a seasoned executive in the high-tech sector with significant experience in startups, entrepreneurship, and business development. Patrick comes from a long history with Wesley Clover International, acting as the point man on several projects aimed at enhancing research and innovation in the Ottawa region.

Leo and Patrick have since been joined by Marco Janeczek, Mike Laginski, Elza Sereglyi, Erin Blaskie and Stef Reid, as well as a talented network of mentors and advisors.


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