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Kotobuki Seating Co Ltd has recently revealed their latest sleep capsule installation for Stena Line, one of the world’s largest ferry operators with 20 routes between ten countries in Northern Europe. Stena Line chose Kotobuki to outfit their vessels with Sleep Capsule beds to provide comfortable accommodations for guests. Stena Line is the first ferry company to offer its customers sleeping pods. The one-person capsules are a cost-efficient way for passengers to sleep and rest during a prolonged journey. The sleep capsules also save space in the limited area of the ferry cabins.

Each capsule on Stena Line is equipped with a mattress, bed linen, air conditioning, a charging station and WiFi. The Stena Line capsules offer a great alternative for young travelers, backpackers, or campers to travel cheaply and comfortably in Northern Europe. They are also ideal for business travelers who are looking for a relaxing environment to unwind.

“We see it as an innovative offer for a cost-conscious target group, which nonetheless values comfort and privacy,” said Martin Wahl, Stena Line’s Travel Commercial Manager. Kotobuki’s Sleep Capsule offers guests the opportunity to sleep during the long six to seven hour journey between Rostock and Trelleborg, a popular route that brings travelers between Germany and Sweden.

The Sleep Capsules also provide passengers with privacy to get work done, read a book, or relax without distraction. Inspired by the original design of Kisho Kurokawa, Kotobuki developed and launched the Sleep Capsule Bed, to bring the elegance and efficiency of Japanese travel culture to the world. Since its initial introduction, capsule beds have evolved from just being economical business lodging to sophisticated, flexible sleep solutions suitable for many hospitality applications, including maritime environments.

The Sleep Capsule bed is a contemporary self-contained mini hotel room, that has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail to ensure a comfortable user experience. With its stylish and modern exterior, The sleep capsule bed provides a peaceful and private sleep sanctuary in an otherwise busy world. With a fully customizable appearance and a wide range of accompanying accessories and features, the options are endless for the economically conscious traveler. Since the development of the sleep capsule, Kotobuki has installed over 60,000 beds. The Sleep Capsule bed has been optimized for use in capsule hotels as well as cruise lines, airports, police stations, hospitals, fire stations and more.

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