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Untapped potential: a breeding ground for innovation and disruption. South Africa is overflowing with infinite talent. Unlocking their potential means unlocking opportunities.

Alexa Georga Byrne, Founder

Millennials are excelling by themselves and for themselves. South Africa’s students and junior talent are the very essence of untapped potential. They are breaking down barriers. Alexa Georga Byrne is one such person.

Alexa founded KOLT Creatives in 2022 in Cape Town to bridge the gap between student talent and businesses. KOLT Creatives strives to reshape the creative industry and build a new generation of wealth and success by spotlighting the finest, most driven and most successful junior creatives in South Africa and, eventually, worldwide.

Stylist: Alexa | Auguste the Label | *Photographer: Aubrey Ndiweni, Model: Andrea Wittenberg, Make-up Artist: Makaira Dullabh, Assistant Photographer: William Sheepskin* *Augmented Reality Video: Collaboration with Style Rotate and Luxe Lend’


KOLT Creatives is a platform that connects superior students and junior talents to businesses locally, nationally, and internationally. KOLT Creatives has divisions spanning fashion, photography, design, and marketing that simplify the search for visionary, talented and affordable creatives to photograph, style, create, design, and digitally market any brand or product. It merges the divide between businesses and junior freelancers to redefine the thriving creative industry by promoting creative cost efficiency and assuring optimal campaign success for businesses globally.

“I knew I had stumbled across a once-in-a lifetime idea,” said Alexa about starting KOLT Creatives. “Observation and innovation were key lessons taught by my wonderful parents from an early age. Every day was a new chance to challenge myself and broaden my abilities. Thinking outside of the box was motivated, and dreaming big was encouraged.”

Studio Partnership | The Studio

“In late 2020, after half a year of studying fashion, creating a fashion blog and 2019 as a year full of growth, independence and travel, I was connected to an exceptional film photographer through a mutual friend. One of his UK clients needed a ‘junior’ stylist as her budget could only accommodate an extra £100 to ensure her new clothing collection to be shot in Cape Town looked neat and perfectly styled. The photographer and I worked well together and reconnected for his next shoot in January 2022 for an Australian Clothing Company with over 350,000 followers on Instagram; Auguste The Label.

“Through securing those jobs, I managed to build a great portfolio of international clients, gain amazing experience and connect with other creatives. I realized there was no platform where talented and driven students, like myself, could be recognized, hired and ultimately excel in their chosen careers by freelancing for businesses desiring affordable, higher quality and new-age ideas.”

Photographer: Leah | Wildwood Yerba Maté 


The KOLT Creatives advocates for job creation opportunities, building portfolios and connecting businesses of every size with inspired student and junior talent. The firm is devoted to enriching the South African economy through youth empowerment, with plans to expand globally. This platform establishes a community of carefully selected creatives, supporting them in developing their untapped potential and placing them at the world’s fingertips.

Empowering students and junior talent through the KOLT Creatives’ platform builds enhanced portfolios, expands knowledge and skills, and provides exposure, opportunity and experience within the cut-throat creative industry.

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