A Patient-Centered, Drug Management Platform Designed To Improve Your Health




We, as human beings, consider ourselves to be unique. So why is this uniqueness so rarely reflected in the management of the drug therapy that we receive? That is, until now! knowRX is the patient-centered, drug management platform designed to improve your health by accommodating the uniqueness of YOU! knowRX provides a mobile, patient-physician interactive environment that assists with the daily management of your health care with the focus on achieving the best outcome from proper drug therapy.

The passion behind the creation of knowRX stems from the experience founder, David Franklin, received during his father’s treatments. David witnessed that the medical staff did not have the “knowledge” in a consumable format to see things coming and simply followed and relied on protocols given to them. Due to these protocols, David’s father suffered badly and lost his life. That is when he realized that he had to bring knowRX into existence. Franklin contacted a business associate, James H. Powell, M.D. and knowRX was launched.

knowRX™ – An easily accessible, consumer-focused solution for meeting the challenges of personalized medication management

knowRX™is a mobile online application that schedules, monitors, and provides feedback on drug usage (prescription and over-the-counter medicines) for consumers and designated medical contacts. knowRX™ promotes wellness, accountability, and consumer feedback throughout the completion of a course of therapy.

knowRX™ is designed to promote well-being through an online platform for patient and physician engagement. The Platform provides important drug information and current clinical trial reports to assist healthcare providers and their patients in the selection of the right therapy for the individual. Additionally, through this user-friendly app, patients are offered access to counseling, genomics data for treatment compatibility, nutritional guidance, holistic insights, clinical trial opportunities and instructional videos on clinical research, and trending analysis regarding medication behavior, all with the goal of achieving the most beneficial treatment outcomes.

Franklin and Powell, co-founders of knowRX™ recognize that drug adherence is a major factor in the success of medical therapy. There is no single solution that addresses nonadherence for all patients. We set out to create an interactive platform that makes available multiple solutions and learns about consumers to establish and refine access to tools that best fit the respective needs of individual patients.

David S. Franklin Founder & CEO

James H. Powell, M.D Co-Founder

knowRX™ focuses on the needs of individual consumers as patients!

knowRX™ is the digital interactive platform that provides consumers with physician access and engagement, pharmacy information, and telehealth relationships to accommodate their uniqueness for personalized monitoring of many of the factors that influence adherence, and treatment safety and effectiveness. knowRX™ provides drug intake accountability and the ability to capture trending analysis between drug intake and associated symptoms/side-effects and send feedback to physicians in near real-time for counseling and intervention as necessary. The result is essentially a professional team assisting patients in the daily management of drug adherence as an important element of health care to achieve the best outcome from proper drug therapy.

At knowRX™, your health, recovery, and prevention are important to us.

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