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Developing Technology To Solve Some Of The Biggest Security Problems Facing Some Of The Largest Organisations On The Planet

At KETS, we believe that trust should be at the heart of all communication systems. We’re developing technology to solve some of the biggest security problems facing some of the largest organisations on the planet by combining the power of quantum encryption technologies with the scalability and practicality of integrated photonics.

KETS Quantum Security is a multi-award winning start-up from the Quantum Engineering Technology Labs (QETLabs) at the University of Bristol. As one of the first companies to spin-out of the UK National Quantum Technology Programme, KETS’ mission is to enable trust by securing communications using future-proof, scalable, and easily-deployed quantum-enhanced solutions. The company is building on almost 20 years’ of world-leading research at the University of Bristol and has developed some of the world’s first integrated quantum secured encryption technologies – from quantum random number generators to full quantum key distribution devices.

“QKD has moved beyond a physics curiosity that is N years away. It is receiving very serious attention around the globe and with a lot of investment going with it. BT is actively engaged in early customer trials of QKD, having demonstrated it on a weekly basis in our Customer Showcase. One of the major stumbling blocks is currently the high cost of the equipment. The KETS solution solves that problem through integration and this puts them in a very strong position to capitalise on the current world ambition towards quantum secured communications.”

- Andrew Lord, Head of Optical Research at BT

We live in an era of connectivity and we rely on that connectivity for everything from checking social media and online banking all the way to controlling critical infrastructure and even connecting whole cities. But we have a big problem on the horizon – as national governments are beginning to warn, the advent of quantum computing means the convenient cybersecurity tools we use today across the web and beyond have a rapidly approaching expiration date. Over the past few years, our team has demonstrated a range of technologies for quantum-secured communications capable of securing our data in the 21st century.

The miniaturised, integrated photonic platform that we use gives us the size, weight and power benefits that consumers and customers are always after. Nobody wants to increase the power consumption or size of their data centres, and customers want scalable and future-proof security solutions that won’t break the bank. So by miniaturising, we can reduce power consumption, and by integrating with current semiconductor technology we can make it very cost-effective as well. These capabilities will be a key enabler of future smart technologies, where trust in the security of information is the number 1 requirement.

“Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have seen a huge increase in commercial uptake in recent years, but their applications have been limited, in part by the inability to securely communicate sensitive data back to the ground. Current encryption methods are becoming increasingly insecure due to advances in computing capability. Project Q-DOS light, led by Airbus [in partnership with KETS and others], will solve this rapidly growing problem by delivering a low-weight, high-speed free-space optical communication system with highly secure quantum encryption and eavesdropping detection. The system will be demonstrated [with] a small drone communicating [to] a ground-station and will, therefore, have to use novel, integrated, quantum devices in order to meet challenging Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) requirements. Once proven, this technology will become an essential building block of secure communication payloads for future aircraft and spacecraft systems.”

- Airbus – QDOS Project

KETS’ team has had significant success since starting up and has demonstrated key traction in our target sectors, winning two key projects within our two initial target markets – defence and telecommunications. The first with Airbus, securing a ground station to a drone, is the first step towards secure satellite communications which will provide secure communications to the 95% of the earth’s surface not currently accessible with fibre. The second, with BT, is allowing us to demonstrate our systems on their networks, paving the way to secure and flexible networking across the UK, from backbone networks to access networks for homes and offices.

“After years of ground-breaking research, now is the time for the unique properties of quantum physics to be harnessed and exploited. Quantonation is delighted to be working with the KETS team and supporting them in bringing this technology to market and addressing some of the most challenging problems that will face us in the coming years.”

- Christophe Jurczak, CEO Quantonation.


2016 – Founded by Jake Kennard, Chris Erven, Mark Thompson and Philip Sibson
2017 – Won University of Bristol New Enterprise Competition
2018 – Named UK’s Most Innovative Small Cyber Security Company at Infosec
2018 – Raised £2M from equity investment and government funding


2017 – Won one of three places on Facebook’s Telecom Infrastructure Project
2017 – Accepted into SETSquared Bristol start-up programme
2018 – Joined Seraphim Capital’s space accelerator in 2018.
2019 – Won a place on the Thales Cyber @StationF programme 2019

In the News

KETS named one of Bristol’s most innovative companies

KETS named as one of the 20 most interesting companies to visit at Infosec Europe 2018

“The University has successfully created new businesses by taking ground-breaking science out of the lab to be used in real-world applications. KETS is a leading example of how well the system of innovation in Bristol is working.”

- Professor Nishan Canagarajah, Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bristol.

KETS Quantum Security

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Unit Dx, St Philips Central Albert Road, Bristol, BS2 0XJ

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