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KeHE is one of the largest and most respected natural & organic, specialty, and fresh food distributors in North America. With more than 5,500 employee-owners and 16-distribution centers across our network, we’re passionate about spreading the word on healthy eating, sustainable living, and responsible business with integrity.

We believe innovative new items are the future of our industry, so we’ve invested in identifying and shaping product trends as well as creating best-in-class technology tools to enable every step of the supply chain to work smarter and increase efficiency.

Founded in 1952 by Art Kehe out of his basement, KeHE has grown from truly humble beginnings. From a small, family-run business to a nationwide distribution company, KeHE has never forgotten its roots. Art’s vision was to build a business with integrity, and he placed a strong value on serving the company’s customers.

Almost 70 years later, Art’s passion for service resonates just as deeply as it did then. With more than 5,500 KeHE employees working to keep the founder’s vision alive, the company has moved the needle in helping to better serve our employees, customers, suppliers and community.

As North America’s preferred natural & organic, and specialty food distributor, our customers look to us to bring innovation to their business. KeHE leverages the power of technology to combine our industry-leading product and trend expertise with operational automation and metrics into easy-to-use digitally enabled solutions.

To our sales teams, this takes shape in dashboards that enable them to simplify product recommendations through tools that swap underperforming items to higher selling replacements driven by data analytics. Our suppliers have programs that allow them to electronically transmit documents such as purchase orders and invoices, which saves them precious time and reduces human error.

Our in-house tech team created platforms and tools that enable our partners to focus on big picture strategy – rather than getting caught up in the day-to-day whirlwind.KeHE’s last fiscal year was a monumental milestone for technological advancements which helped better serve our partners.

This year, we launched an industry-leading platform that gave retailers a quick and easy ordering experience built directly based on feedback from our multi-generational customer base. By designing the tools for stakeholders of all skillsets, we’ve set them up for success and quicker adoption of our tools. We are looking forward to launching a mirrored platform for suppliers to transform their experience in the same way.

Art Kehe’s home where he began KeHE Foods

Additionally, KeHE has strategically partnered with Genius Central, a leader in the natural and independent food space, to launch a Digital Supplier Ordering Program. The highly requested program gives suppliers the ability to utilize electronic invoicing and other digital tools to improve time efficiencies and reduce errors.

Through all this change, KeHE teams continue to draw on the history of our founder’s core value of serving to make lives better, while also driving the company forward. We incorporate that into our strategy, and we are excited to see how our partners’ insights will continue to help us shape our technological advancements.

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