Kartrij is a free platform that helps gamers discover brands through cash back offers. Gamers earn cash back automatically by securely linking their credit card to the platform and shopping at the stores they already do. Kartrij enables gaming brands to effectively advertise through real-time customer insights and custom offers.

With the pandemic in full stride, our founders stayed connected through their passion for gaming. They found that there were hundreds of amazing games and brands that had yet to be discovered because of tough competition and expensive advertising costs. Driven by this realization, they quickly started working on a prototype to help gamers earn cash back on gaming through their credit cards. Excitement quickly grew and Kartrij was founded. Most gaming brands find themselves lost in retail and online stores with an ocean of competitors. With small marketing budgets and little brand awareness, gamers rarely discover some of gaming’s most creative brands. Kartrij’s cash back platform provides a real alternative to gaming’s traditional retail advertising options. The platform gives control back to the brands allowing them to directly and efficiently market to the gamers they want. Kartrij’s card-linking technology allows brands to leverage transaction data to personalize offers for each customer.

This allows every brand to competitively engage new and existing customers. The platform’s real-time analytics allows brands to easily quantify their marketing spend down to every transaction and benchmark performance. Brands using Kartrij will experience an overall increase in customer spend and frequency, while reducing their bottom line. With its launch, the platform supports one of the largest gaming brands, Microsoft. Kartrij will continue to introduce new brands, bringing a diverse collection of games, hardware, and merchandise for every gamer. However, the cash back platform is just the beginning, Kartrij is going to curate an entire experience that captures the gaming world from member perks to exclusive events to esports. Kartrij will be in every app, game, and event. Kartrij will become the cultural voice for the gaming community.


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