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Kaizen, a Japanese term meaning continuous improvement, was a company name prudently selected by our team of entrepreneurs who started this Training Service in 2006. They all had a special vision, a dream to help and support the community using innovative methods. Keeping that goal of service in mind our Kaizen team found that out of the many problems facing our society; unemployment topped the list. Unemployment we have seen creates instability, cripples the economy and acts as a major impediment for growth and wellbeing.

Rapid advancement in technology has taken society to the next level of success but at the same time has acted as a major reason for unemployment. Lack of technical skills in our current workforce has led to massive layoffs and technical jobs have been outsourced.

Keeping this in perspective, our Kaizen team started an IT training and services company that would train the dislocated in the most current in demand technologies to help them achieve their career goals. Kaizen started its mission by collaborating with the DOL to lend a hand in helping the jobless get back to work.

We also realized the key to successful training and placement would be implementing innovative teaching methods, following carefully designed curriculums based on industry standards and introducing on the job training programs.

Our teaching methods have proven successful because they are not purely lecture based but a combination of lecture and hands on Project based training. Since its inception, Kaizen Technologies, Inc has offered exceptional training and delivered the best knowledge from the finest instructors from the industry.

  • 2006: Start of the Training Division—NJ DEP Approval.
    Vendor—NJDOL Workforce Training Programs for all counties.
  • 2007: PMI®-Global REP.
  • 2008: Partnered with NJIT® to train UMDNJ® Staff and became a vendor of
  • 2009: Collaborated with NJIT® to deliver PMP to Transportation Logistics
    and Distribution, Life Sciences and Health Care Industries funded by US DEP through NJWIRED Grant.
  • 2010: REP-SCRUM® Alliance—Agile Project Management

NEWARK WORKS Grant—Won a competitive bid for PMP program through American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding.

  • 2011: Collaborated with Thomas Edison State College for training programs. 2012: IIBA® Endorsed Education Provider.
  • 2013: Won Opportunity 4 Jersey competitive grant for training and job
  • 2014: Approved vendor for the Veteran’s Training Program.\
  • 2015: Workforce Management System Program Implementation—Program
    well aligned with the organizational strategic plan for overall revenue growth from $10 million to $25 million for the next five years.
  • 2015: Rutgers University—EHR/EMR Gap Analysis, Training and Implementation.

Vendor for Ready to Work $10 million Grant for Training & Employment—NJ Community College Consortium for Workforce & Economic Development.

  • 2016: Partnered with ED2GO from Cengage Learning.
  • 2017: Connecting American Workforce & American Work Source program:

A novel and unique program introduced at Kaizen to research employer requirements, create training programs that match the requirements and connect students who have successfully completed these programs to the prospective employers looking for those specific skills


  • 2019: Incumbent-worker Skill Upgrade program—Kaizen teamed up with the
    Rutgers Talent Network to assist employers to train their employees so
    they can stay employed, instead of being laid off due to lack of skills.
  • 2019: Became a National Health Association—Introduced Medical
    Administrative Assistant program.
  • 2019: Dislocated-Worker Train & Placement Assistance program

Collaborated with the Rutgers Healthcare Talent Network to conduct a 200-hour PMP training, certification, and job placement program.

  • 2019: E-Learning programs: With the growing need to upgrade one’s skills, the adult population has been looking for options to enroll in online training programs so they can complete their training in their spare time without jeopardizing their jobs.

Our Interactive and Self-paced Online training programs have far surpassed the expectation of the students as they actively engage in using it as a convenient and effective method of learning.

As we strive towards excellence in education and training, we compel ourselves to improve our services so we can serve our community effectively.

Kaizen Technologies, Inc Training

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Kaizen Technologies 1, Lincoln Highway, Suite 10, Edison , NJ 08820

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