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Just Learn has developed PlanetBox, a living model of our planet that fits inside any classroom. PlanetBox uses the sciences of aquaponics ecosystem to expose students to the water, carbon and nitrogen cycle. This is important because now is the time to understand the role that society and technology play on the natural environment and yet, the upcoming generation is the least connected to the outside world!
PlanetBox is a powerful tool of engagement, and that’s why Just Learn has also developed supporting curricula for it called “Think Outside The Box”. Just Learn’s lesson plans are in alignment with the Next-Generation Science Standards and empower educators with the subject matter expertise and confidence to teach inquiry-based instruction on multiple topics like water chemistry, plant anatomy, photosynthesis, and electricity to name a few. When combined, PlanetBox and Think Outside the Box take affordable and practical, hands-on, project-based learning experiences to a whole new dimension!

Just Learn is an EdTech spin-off of Just Grow (justgrow.com) that was born in the Lowth Entrepreneurship Center of The University of Tampa at the end of 2016. In 2017, Just Learn initiated an academic pilot with the aim of testing and refining the pedagogical potential of its ecosystem and curricula while also impacting under-served schools of the Tampa Bay area. Thanks to sponsors like Ciccio Restaurant Group, Canterbury School of Florida and Segrest Farms, Just Learn was able to include title 1 schools in its pilot! Just Learn recruited local instructional designer Yvonne Franco, Ph.D. to structure components of the pilot as well as host a curriculum development workshop with local champion educators. Upon completion of the pilot, Just Learn went on to iterate its product and curriculum to make it market-ready and currently remains as a non-resident incubator startup at the Lowth Entrepreneurship Center, while also being admitted to LearnLaunch, a premier incubator focused on education technology based in Boston.

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