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In the coming years, the artificial intelligence industry will grow exponentially in Canada in a manner comparable to that of multimedia in the 2010s. Thanks to our vast pool of talent and levers to support the development of the AI ecosystem, such as Scale AI, Canada stands out as a worldclass centre of expertise in AI. The next few years will be decisive in the rise of this sector.

Companies that incorporate AI into their business plans are now positioning themselves at the forefront of their industries. Transforming processes takes energy and investment, of course, but this is the factor that will distinguish tomorrow’s leaders from their competitors in globalized and increasingly competitive markets.


Many companies want to invest in, and be a part of, this AI revolution, but don’t know where to start. Let us give you three pieces of advice:
1) Be curious. Gather market intelligence by meeting with AI specialists, researchers and start-ups who are full of new ideas. Take an interest in what they are doing and share your questions and challenges. Innovation feeds on meetings and a clash of ideas. Your AI project is just waiting to be imagined.
2) Be methodical. Before you determine how AI can help you, check the state of your data and immediately get the process of organizing that data underway so that you can exploit its full potential when the time comes.
3) Be strategic. AI integration is not just about adding software to your toolkit. It’s a lever that can transform anything from a single process to your entire business model.

The evidence is clear. Companies that invested in digitization twenty or twenty-five years ago are in a much better position today than those that were slow to make the leap!

We have no doubt that the same is true today for investments in artificial intelligence, and we feel immense pride in being part of this global technological revolution.

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