Juan Segarra

Construction Executive, Entrepreneur, Investor - Foresight Construction Group, Inc.

Innovation Starts with Culture-Building
The greater Gainesville area is abuzz with growth, development and activity. From the expansion of major entertainment, restaurant and retail hubs, to the launch of technology start-ups, to the relocation of major biotechnology and life science firms to our area, it’s an exciting time. Innovation is at the very core of this growth. Area firms are innovating to solve problems. They are working to bring new, life changing products to market. They are creating process efficiencies that reduce waste, lower costs and increase customer satisfaction. Local firms are even innovating the way we shop, eat, and are entertained.

One of my personal passions is to develop and lead a people-focused culture that in-turn promotes this  type of innovation. I believe that a firm’s internal culture is  the very cornerstone upon which  innovation is achieved.

Building a successful culture is not to be confused with achieving “sameness,”  where everyone looks, acts and thinks alike. At our firm, Foresight Construction  Group, our team is comprised of a very diverse group of people that are driven by the same passion and rally around the same set of core values. Our  core values  tie our culture together.

At Foresight, our unified passion is to build a great company marked by a culture of service that  improves the lives of others. Our core values are the principles  that guide us toward realizing this  purpose.

Our core values are:

  • Can-do Attitude – Having a willingness to accept and overcome challenges
  • Ownership Mentality – Having a sense of personal responsibility toward the greater cause
  • Spirit of Excellence – Being unsatisfied with mediocrity
  • Responsiveness – Being positive, engaged and available to meet the needs of others

Our core values permeate everything we do, from how we engage with our  clients, how we build our  projects, to how we hire talent. Innovation is the natural result of a team driven by this clearly defined  combination of vision and values.

Juan Segarra is an accomplished construction executive, entrepreneur,investor, purpose-driven leader,  devoted family man and lifelong learner. He founded Gainesville-based Foresight Construction Group in 2008 and as President/CEO has grown it into a multimillion dollar firm with international reach.

Segarra believes in leading the organization through clarity of purpose and a set of well-defined core  values that all team members share. He is passionate about building people, families and strengthening communities.  His philanthropic efforts are focused around children and family services, education,  humanitarian relief and ministry-related causes. Segarra has personally been recognized by Engineering  News-Record as one of the Southeast’s Top Young Professionals for his contributions to the  construction industry as well as to the local communities Foresight serves.

He is a University of Florida graduate, avid Gator fan, and proud Gainesville resident for the last 20+  years.

Foresight Construction Group, Inc.

3917 NW 97th Blvd.
Gainesville, FL 32606

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