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Joaquim Chaves Saúde (JCS) is a Portuguese group operating in the health sector since 1959, which participates with great skill and quality in the progress of medicine, always maintaining the highest standards while providing customers with the best healthcare.

Dr. Joaquim Chaves

Dr. Joaquim Chaves (founder of the current JCS Group) took his first steps in this great journey when he established a small Clinical Laboratory in Mafra in 1959. A leader in the evolution of the Clinical Testing sector in Portugal over the years, Dr. Joaquim Chaves always believed in taking risks, investing in modernisation in his quest for cutting edge technology. In 1981 the laboratory moved its premises to Lisbon and, just 11 years later, in 1992 it moved again, to Miraflores in the Oeiras council, where the Group established its head office.

Laboratory Core

After creating Laboratório de Análises Clínicas Dr. Joaquim Chaves, JCS grew in a sustained manner in the healthcare sector, subsequently opening several modern units in Continental Portugal, Madeira and the Azores, mainly focused on Clinical Testing, Medical Clinics and Oncological Treatment.

Administration and Group Management

In November 2020, the Group set up its new headquarters at the CORE building in Carnaxide. The CORE building results from the Group’s continuous commitment to excellence and optimisation of the companies’ operations in the various types of assistance provided. This quest for constant improvement and focus on technological innovation have finally paid off. The structure was completely conceived, designed and built to fulfil two major objectives: user comfort and the efficiency, quality and productivity of the Group’s central Clinical Testing Laboratory, its largest company. Here we find state-of-the-art technology in the sector, in every department and field of operation, with an increased focus on Microbiology, which is currently equipped with robotic technology that is unprecedented in the Iberian Peninsula.

Detail of Microbiology equipment

JCS is a leader in the national healthcare sector, employing the highest standards of excellence, technological sophistication, strategic vision and outstanding Human Resources. The entire administrative and management body is centralised in these headquarters, bringing into close proximity the minds behind the Group’s strategy and innovation.

Headquarters building

Our vision for the future involves increasingly centralising our efforts to provide our clients with the best service, to modernise accessibility and communication, through a strong commitment to information systems and digital media. This includes integrated management of our clinical processes, lab results, telemedicine, virtual imaging and strategic planning of the structure’s involvement with all of its stakeholders. Innovation has been widely discussed as a crucial tool for the sustainable modernisation and expansion of corporations. After 60 years of operation, the Joaquim Chaves brand continues to surprise the market, the competition, the healthcare authorities and society in general, with its resilience and capacity to innovate. The new building for its head office and new premises for the leading Clinical Laboratory in the Oeiras council are an irrefutable example of this.

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