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Not by Chance – By Choice

At Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS (JLABS), our goal is to provide the optimal environment for emerging life science companies to catalyze growth by exposing them to vital industry connections, delivering entrepreneurial programs, and providing a capital-efficient, flexible platform where they can transform the scientific discoveries of today into the breakthrough healthcare solutions of tomorrow.

Launched in 2016, JLABS @ Toronto was the sixth JLABS site out of the now 13 locations across the globe. It was also the first JLABS location outside the United States. Strategically situated within the MaRS Discovery District, JLABS @ Toronto is surrounded by academia, investors, government, top hospitals and entrepreneurs, all supporting the advancement of healthcare innovation.

Our Mission
• Help biotech companies grow & scale through key resources and physical space to drive commercialization.
• Facilitate collaborations & financing through our expansive network.
• Drive engagement between The Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies (‘Johnson & Johnson’) and Canadian biotech companies.
• Support the growth of the biotech ecosystem in Toronto and in Canada.

A Flexible Model Aiming to Help Companies Grow and Scale
At JLABS @ Toronto, we value great ideas and are passionate about eliminating obstacles. JLABS aims to help companies navigate the complicated health startup landscape by providing access to mentors, on-site advocates, entrepreneurial programs and tools. We aim to enable emerging companies to develop their science while maintaining complete control of their IP and decision-making with our “no strings attached” model.

Resources to Accelerate Growth
JLABS @ Toronto is part of the larger Johnson & Johnson Innovation, which includes deal teams and therapeutic experts for early-stage development, an established venture capital arm, and a business development group focusing on later-stage development. No matter what stage a young company is at, JLABS @ Toronto provides access to the elements they need to position themselves for potential success.

Facilitating Collaborations and Financing in and Around Toronto
JLABS @ Toronto provides an experience beyond the bench for scientists and entrepreneurs. Our program aims to enable residents, alumni, and the innovation ecosystem to develop connections with our network of investors through our Investor Hub and through investor-related programs, one-on-one meetings, and networking events.

5 Years of JLABS @ Toronto
In honor of JLABS @ Toronto’s 5-year anniversary milestone in May 2021, we have taken the moment to highlight key achievements since inception. Below are a few highlights we have pulled to showcase the impact JLABS @ Toronto has had on the Canadian life sciences ecosystem over the last 5 years:

• JLABS @ Toronto has hosted over 88 startups

• JLABS @ Toronto companies have hired 605 full-time and 244 part-time employees cumulatively creating jobs in the Canadian ecosystem

• 59% of JLABS @ Toronto residents have advanced their R&D stage while within JLABS

• $2.2B dollars in funding and deals (secured & contingent) have been raised by Toronto residents over the last 5 years

• There have been 19 deals between The Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies and Canadian JLABS companies

• There have been 18 collaborations between JLABS @ Toronto residents and other JLABS companies

• Since 2016 JLABS @ Toronto held or participating in over 375 events with over 26,000 attendees in 13+ cities across Canada

Looking Ahead
We’re committed to bringing greater attention to companies in Toronto’s scientific strongholds—cell and gene therapy, artificial , and oncology—as we continue to support the growth of the biotech ecosystem in Canada. From the Johnson & Johnson Innovation global network to my own commitment to understanding and rolling back diseases for all patients, we hope to continue to empower JLABS @ Toronto to address unmet medical needs. We aim to incubate the next generation of life science talent—and ideas that will make a difference for all.

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