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It’s thriving in new ways thanks to innovative technologies, such as e-readers and audiobook recordings.

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We often hear about the groundbreaking moment that inspires people, but for me, it was a series of moments that guided me. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit; it runs in my blood. My grandfather and father were wonderful examples of leadership and the freedom that owning a company brings.

I recall the day when my grandfather told me the story of starting his first business, a roller-skating rental business. He was only 20 years old! I was inspired, and I still continue to be inspired by my family as they continue in their endeavors. My grandfather, Reuel Call, was an aviation innovator with Call Air, and built gas stations in the west, Maverik Country Stores.

Like with any new business adventure, I faced challenges.

I was always open to new ideas and decided to create a book writing retreat on the breaks of a marketing conference in San Diego. I embarked on the writing retreat hosted by my new joint-venture partner, Melanie Johnson, who owned a private villa in the Dominican Republic. Surrounded by authors and experts, the seeds to the beginning of our journey were planted.

There was a synergy between my colleague and me, and that’s when it started clicking into place. I knew we each had unique skills we could bring to the table and build something together. I had the distinct thought that I wanted to help 100 authors not only get their books published but also achieve bestseller status on Amazon.

The publishing industry is far from dead. It’s thriving in new ways thanks to innovative technologies, such as e-readers and audiobook recordings. In this day and age, we have access to a plethora of information and resources at the tip of our fingers.

As technology is advancing, the means of consuming information will be even faster. Our purpose is to teach others the importance of sharing knowledge and leaving a legacy. You do this by writing a book. Books are the new business card — the kind that won’t get thrown in the trash. They establish your expertise and draw in more clients.

Regardless of your challenges or hesitations, pursuing your own career goals and establishing a business is one of the most rewarding life experiences. The most vital aspect is continuing to learn and develop as advances are made in your industry.

It has been five years since the book-writing retreat in the Dominican Republic. We have a weekly podcast, Elite Expert Insider, where we interview experts to motivate, educate and inspire other business owners.

My company, Elite Online Publishing, is nearing our goal of helping over 100 authors become bestsellers.

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