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Jellyvision is the benefits engagement platform trusted by companies large and small, including many of the Fortune 500. We’re committed to reinventing how employees choose and use benefits, and our sophisticated technology delights and guides employees to make better decisions — leading them and our customers to more prosperous futures.

Since there’s been a Chicago tech scene, there’s been Jellyvision. But we didn’t always look the way we do today. (We all have a few more grey hairs than we used to, right?) Founded by Harry Gottlieb in 1989, Jellyvision began as an educational media company, achieving massive success by producing CD-ROM games like You Don’t Know Jack and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

But as the computer game market shifted and CD-ROMs became obsolete, we knew it was time for us to change, too. In 2001, Gottlieb relaunched our company as Jellyvision Lab, an agency that developed interactive business software inspired by You Don’t Know Jack’s voice-driven interface. By 2009, we were hired to create an interactive conversation that helped employees choose their benefits.

That fateful project tapped into a huge unmet need in the healthcare industry and spurred our growth over the past decade, when employee benefits guidance became our primary business focus. Today, we’re the makers of ALEX, a benefits engagement platform backed by behavioral science that guides employees to make smarter benefits decisions at enrollment and year-round.

Through it all, innovation has been at our core. It’s our culture of creativity, flexibility, and imagination that has allowed us to survive and thrive through decades of technological advancement, and ultimately drove our unique evolution from gaming company to benefits engagement experts.

For the past decade, HR teams have trusted Jellyvision’s benefits platform, ALEX, to guide employees to the right plans and solutions at open enrollment. Our vision for the next decade is to meet employees wherever they are—at enrollment, when they’re trying to access telemedicine, when they’re managing their diabetes, and at other crucial employee benefits moments throughout the entire year.

We’re building a benefits engagement platform for the future: a platform that helps employees make smarter benefits decisions in the moments that matter, drives down healthcare costs for our customers and their employees, and provides greater insights into benefits usage.

The vision: employees use and appreciate their benefits, and our customers are able to maximize—no, celebrate—the investment they’re making to support their people. Together, we’re transforming employee benefits from a bloated line item to a valuable investment. Because, at the end of the day, what’s good for employees is good for our customers, too.

Jellyvision owes much of its success to the support we’ve received from the city we call home, and we’re grateful to have been a celebrated member of the Chicago tech community since our inception. Thanks to our employees, we’ve frequently been named a “Best Place to Work” by the Chicago Tribune, Crain’s Chicago Business and BuiltIn Chicago. Our CEO, Amanda Lannert, is a recipient of the Moxie “Woman in Tech” Award, was named CEO of the Year by the Illinois Technology Association, and was most recently inducted into the Chicago Innovation Hall of Fame.

Stewardship is baked into our foundation, and it’s our mission to give back to Chicago as much as it’s given us. Through ongoing support of community organizations like Embarc, The Bloc, and Sparkshop, we’re committed to leaving our city better than we found it. Our CEO, Amanda, is also a prominent figure in fostering innovation in our community, serving as a board member for Hyde Park Angels, the Illinois Institute of Technology, and more. She also serves as a P33 committee member, joining the movement to make Chicago a premier tech hub.

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