Jassi Chadha

President and CEO - Axtria



“Technology innovation has been a key component of Axtria’s success”

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When I founded my first company, nearly twenty years ago, I had little knowledge of starting a business, but I knew that hard work was part of the equation. While I was studying at the Indian Institute of Technology, I sought entrepreneurial role models who I could emulate and who could help me discover my strengths and weaknesses. One of these role models gave me wise advice; simply put, “you need to be the hardest working person in the industry.” When I found myself in the CEO chair and being recognized as one of the NJBIZ “Top Forty under Forty”, I was living this advice! As I faced obstacles, such as hiring the right people, growing revenues, and funding a company, I discovered that the factors that determine your success are: luck, intelligence, and hard work. You can’t do anything about the first two. If you want to be successful, the only thing you can control is hard work.

Through hard work, I discovered that life sciences as an industry had, and has, an enormous opportunity to improve operational efficiency, product sales, and most importantly, better healthcare outcomes for patients. It was these opportunities, specifically the vision to improve commercial operations, that I founded Axtria on in 2010. Axtria began generating unique market value with offerings across three different capabilities – including a full business consulting suite, cloud technology, and advanced analytics – enabled by platforms specifically built for the life sciences industry.

Technology innovation has been a key component of Axtria’s success, and our ability to combine that technology innovation, domain experience, and analytics has been a winning differentiation. I firmly believe that innovation should be a key part of a company’s DNA. With innovation and creative thinking, problems can be solved strategically and differently, which results in tremendous efficiencies and growth.

Jassi currently serves as Axtria’s President and CEO. Previously, Jassi was the co-founder and CEO of marketRx, which was acquired by Cognizant Technology Solutions. Under his remarkable leadership, Axtria has become one of the biggest global players in the life sciences industry

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