"My vision for our industry is that cybersecurity achieves a higher level of automation."

Rob Fry, CTO - JASK

I started in the technology field back in 1996 doing computer and network setups for regional city governments who could not afford or did not know what to ask for when needing help. I ended up riding the “Internet Revolution” shortly after and found myself in Silicon Valley in 2005 working for Yahoo!. While there, I worked my way up the production engineering ranks in various roles. In 2009, my life and career totally changed as I joined Netflix when they were getting ready to explode in the worldwide spotlight.

In 2011, I created a cloud security platform while at Netflix that became what is today the modern SOC and Security Orchestration and Automation Response (SOAR) security space. It was the first time in my career when I was given permission by my company to share a product I was working on publicly. The response I received was nothing short of extraordinary compared to anything I had worked on previously in my career.

This opportunity put me in the public spotlight for the first time and led me to many external opportunities including mentoring startups, DoD think tank activities and public speaking.

Today, I am leveraging all of the experience and mentorship I received along the way as the Chief Technology Officer at JASK.

The cybersecurity industry is in a state of constant innovation to combat an adversary who is sometimes innovating faster. My vision for our industry is that cybersecurity achieves a higher level of automation while at the same time making security easier to learn to address both of these problems. This is typified by many CISOs telling us what we need in cybersecurity is more people solutions to close these gaps than technical solutions to solve these security challenges.

JASK’s vision of delivering the autonomous SOC and its data-first approach to solving the challenges that continue to plague security analysts is directly in-line with what I have been advocating for the past decade. The ability to build a world-class team while fulfilling our product vision makes JASK the perfect fit for me, and the potential is phenomenal.


11501 Rock Rose Ave, Suite 200
Austin, TX 78758

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