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Our mission at JACOBB, a centre for innovation and applied research in artificial intelligence (AI), is to accelerate the integration of artificial intelligence into Quebec’s economic fabric. Our CCTT has experienced rapid growth since it was created in 2019, with now more than a dozen specialists on board under the supervision of Myriam Côté.

A one-stop solution for AI
Our organization offers Quebec businesses a one-stop solution for artificial intelligence (AI). With our key skills in applied research, project management, software product development and technology infrastructure and database management, we deliver AI projects across businesses of all sizes, serving SMEs and large companies as well as public, parapublic and municipal sector organizations—particularly in the education and health sectors.

Whether you need personalized support to demystify AI and the potential benefits for your organization (technical assistance), to develop experimental projects using public data or your organization’s own data (applied research), or to fully develop, over several years, intelligent systems deployed in your company, JACOBB can help you explore, disseminate, integrate and implement best practices in artificial intelligence.

In most cases, we develop close, long-lasting business relationships with our clients, enabling them to maximize the benefits of their AI initiatives, reduce the risks associated with them, and ultimately increase their competitiveness and productivity in the marketplace while ensuring continuity in the initiatives implemented through our various collaborations.

A choice partner in AI
If artificial intelligence is at the heart of your business model or on your radar for the years to come, JACOBB is a highly strategic choice for filling AI gaps within your organization or business.

With our dedicated human-scale team, we focus on transferring the best techniques and latest breakthroughs in AI to businesses to ensure maximum sustainability and “transferred” value with every new project.

Based in Montreal and affiliated with Collège de Bois-de-Boulogne and John Abbott College, our CCTT also offers various funding programs to cofinance initiatives developed with businesses, in ratios of up to 3:1.

Our experts are regularly called upon to provide training, conduct courses and workshops and hold conferences for the democratization of AI knowledge and practices.

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