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Jabian Consulting’s journey began in 2006 when its three founders decided clients needed more personalized attention and bespoke solutions than they were getting from the large, multi-national firms. At the same time, burnout in the industry was high, with consultants working extremely long hours traveling around the country every week. There had to be a better way for clients and consultants. Fast forward 18 years and Jabian Consulting has become a model company balancing focus on the employee, the client, and the community.

The firm was founded on ten guiding principles that still drive decision-making today, choosing to focus on getting the processes right – developing people, doing great work, giving back to the local community – and watching the results follow. For Jabian, it’s a strategy that works.

Jabian offers a wide array of management consulting services to clients in a variety of industries. With the ever-increasing utilization of technology across businesses, Jabian has a specialty in what it calls Technology Enablement. While the firm is not a systems integrator, choosing instead of be technology agnostic for the benefit of its clients, Jabian acts as a value realization partner helping clients throughout their journey maximize their investments and operate more efficiently and profitably. From developing business strategy and operating models, to vendor selection and change management, Jabian utilizes custom frameworks and methodologies to ensure clients are aligned for success.

Jabian’s success is also attributed to its focus on its people. The firm believes in cultivating not just better consultants, but better individuals. Their approach is centered around providing freedom for personal growth, supporting career aspirations, and offering comprehensive benefits that cater to physical, financial, and emotional well-being. This employee-centric model ensures that their consultants are not only skilled, but also motivated and aligned with the firm’s values and goals. Regular team activities, trainings, and outings support a sense of camaraderie found in few firms and are a reason Jabian consistently ranks as a Best Place to Work in all its markets.

A cornerstone of Jabian’s philosophy is its commitment to community involvement. The firm deeply values its role in the communities where it operates, emphasizing local engagement and support. This local model ensures that the impact of their work is felt directly in the communities they serve, fostering a sense of belonging and responsibility both within the firm and in broader society. Realized through the efforts of Jabian’s own employee-run 501(c)3 non-profit, Jabian Cares, Jabian supports local communities through monetary resources, personal volunteering, and pro-bono expertise services. With more than 20,000 hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars donated, Jabian is making a difference locally.

Jabian’s commitment to not just devising strategies, but ensuring these strategies work, sets them apart as a legacy firm that’s truly dedicated to the success of their clients, people, and communities. As they continue to grow and evolve, Jabian’s guiding principles and innovative approach are sure to keep them at the forefront of the consulting world.

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