At the Heart of Digital Intelligence

Based in Montréal, Québec, IVADO is a collaborative institute in the field of digital intelligence with expertise extending far beyond Canada’s borders. It brings together thousands of players from the academic, industrial and institutional sectors, all pursuing the mission of creating synergies among those communities to advance research into digital intelligence and in turn transform scientific progress into concrete applications with benefits for society.

A joint initiative of Université de Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal and HEC Montréal, IVADO (Institute for Data Valorization), was awarded a major grant from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund in 2016 to help fulfil its mission.

Its basis is a pool of university expertise that is unique in the world, channelled via an extensive scientific community, several dozen research chairs, and seven affiliate centres of research excellence. This is amplified by the know-how of more than a hundred IVADO member organizations from various sectors.

Drawing on the support of that formidable community, a compartmentalized approach and a singular innovation model, IVADO develops leading-edge knowledge in multiple fields of digital intelligence, including data science, artificial intelligence and operations research. That knowledge serves as the basis for collaborative and fundamental research projects conducted in Canada as well as internationally in fields that include health, transportation and logistics, business, finance and natural resources.

As of summer 2020, the approximately 250 collaborative research projects facilitated by IVADO were worth some $45 million. During 2020, IVADO and its community also mobilized to speed the search for solutions to address the COVID-19 health crisis.

Together, these initiatives are accelerating Québec’s digital transformation, helping to create promising technico-economic value chains, and making major contributions to Québec’s international profile as an indispensable reference in digital intelligence.

These efforts, of course, are being conducted for the long term, and there can be no innovation without fresh talent. To that end, IVADO awards nearly a hundred scholarships and grants each year, supporting researchers at all academic levels in their ongoing work. The Institute also organizes and is otherwise involved in many types of training that every year reach thousands of students ready to take their place among the next generation of digital intelligence specialists.

" At IVADO, our constant aims are excellence and accessibility, to ensure democratization as well as responsible, inclusive and sustainable knowledge transfer in digital intelligence.”

- Laurence Beaulieu, Deputy CEO


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