An IT skills development platform addressing the global IT skills gap

ITProTV is an IT skills development platform addressing the global IT skills gap by delivering certification and skills-based training for IT professionals in every stage of their careers. With training that’s more like a talk show, IT pros watch more and learn more with an affordable, convenient, betterthan-classroom experience.

Online training is typically associated with two words: boring and out-ofdate. ITProTV tackles both of these issues with a unique business model. With 5 studios and an in-house staff of ‘edutainers,’ ITProTV produces new IT training content every day. IT changes all the time, and this model keeps IT pros ahead of the latest break-in, migration and more.

“We started ITProTV because it is the type of training we wish we had when we were learning IT,” Tim Broom, CEO of ITProTV, says.

The platform contains 4,000+ hours of training, plus access to practice tests and virtual labs. ITProTV features training for a variety of vendors, including CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, Apple, Linux and more.

Got a question? Hop on a live broadcast for immediate answers or simply submit your question to one of the actively monitored forums. Members become part of an IT community. ITProTV turns IT education into a conversation that connects learners to experts and each other

IT professionals can choose from our flexible and cost-effective membership options which are available for both corporate teams and individual learners. With a NetFlix-style experience, it’s an all-you-can-watch model for one flat fee that can be paid monthly or annually.

IT professionals can learn at their own pace on the go, at their desk, or wherever is most convenient. They can even watch via Roku or AppleTV from the comfort of their living room.

Using the ITProTV ProPortal, team leaders can monitor the progress of assignments, assign accounts to new users, and even create custom learning modules so each team member has the exact experience needed to success.

ITProTV delivers the best aspects of the traditional instructor-led experience conveniently on demand. Members stay engaged and remain on a journey of lifelong learning.


US: 7525 NW 4th Blvd
Gainesville, FL 32607

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