In a world where data has become the currency of our supposed future resulting in valuations of businesses from zero to billions within a relatively short while, you need to ask yourself this question;
How am I benefitting from the data-sets I have in my business, if at all? And if you cannot answer that question without an uhhm in your sentence, then perhaps it’s time you get on the bandwagon and learn to play the data game, or fall victim to your competition!

Where is my data?
The obvious questions remain; how many data sources do I have? how do Icollect this data? where is my data residing? and how can I use this data to become the $billion company?

Where do I begin?
With iTouch’s Data Management AND Syndication Platform iTouch’s innovation team has developed a data management and syndication platform that helps businesses unify their contacts, products data and deals for syndication to their marketing, sales, CRM or other online systems. It includes a series of data tools to help culture the data and make it usable, in a sense of unpacking its value, while tailoring integrations and workflows that are easy to work with and geared to the needs of the business.


By using iTouch’s platform;
• You minimise manual intervention by automatically collecting and consolidating your data;
• Make your data usable by automatically cleaning and modelling it;
• Build rich customer profiles, including demographics, engagement, transactions, interests and behaviour;
• Build a captive audience and furnish your marketing team and systems with clean, validated and comprehensive customer profiles;
• Hyper-personalised and target-marketing campaigns;
• Automate your communication to minimise manual work and drive revenue at key points of the customer lifecycle;
• Develop deep customer insights by fuelling your reporting mechanisms with accurate and complete data;
• Syndicate your product data to your online stores and websites; and
• Develop a responsive loyalty programme that incentivises, rewards and builds ‘real’ loyalty.

The difficult problems we solve
We provide a customised interface to guide you to culture your data by using tools and connectors that are relevant to you. Access a range of connectors that automatically collect contact, deal and product data from your data sources and consolidate this in one place for easy access and syndication. Remove the complexity of sorting data!

Automatically syndicate your data to your systems and online assets to minimise manual intervention, manage leads, automate messages, target campaigns, generate insights, drive online sales and increase revenue.

Our Partner Programme is designed for businesses that wish to productise the data competencies and features of our platform, to enhance and enable their existing offering.

We will enable you to create your own VERTICAL by tailoring a series of connections, data tools and workflows that are aligned to your objectives and the purposes of your clients.

This provides you with a successful data foundation to get on with the business of building your business and delivering real value to your clients.

So what does this mean for our customers?
We aim to accelerate the Data Transformation of businesses by using Data Culturing and Syndication as the catalyst for successful digital marketing and ultimately revenue generation and customer convenience.

About iTouch
iTouch is one of the oldest brands in the WASP (wireless application services providers) sector on the African continent, originally founded in 1995. It has served the B2B, B2B2C and B2C sectors across Europe, the Far East and Africa during its tenure on the LSE in the UK and TYO in Japan. Since 2009, under guidance from its new owners, it has focused mainly on the African continent, an area it believes will grow exponentially and where opportunities are present, if you know how to navigate what is not a usual business environment. Each country has its own dynamics, in terms of business culture and business regulations and our experience comes at a discount to our many customers.


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