Mission is to be a catalyst for tech innovation by supporting the development of fast-growing and successful technology businesses

Founded in 2008 as the IT Entrepreneurs Network, ITEN’s mission is to be a catalyst for tech innovation by supporting the development of fast-growing and successful technology businesses. Designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, we require neither payment nor equity from early-stage startups. We accelerate scalable technology startups by providing unique entrepreneurial training and education, mentoring from subject matter experts, connections to workforce talent, essential networking opportunities, engagements with corporate partners, and access to funding.

Our 11-year history, ITEN has worked with close to 1,000 startups at stages ranging from idea to growth and scaling. ITEN’s main programs and services include business model validation support, its EUREKA! proof of concept modules, customer discovery and sales training, and its cornerstone program—Investor Readiness, which includes Mock Angel pitch sessions and due diligence preparedness. The Investor Readiness Program boasts 70 graduates since 2009 that have raised approximately $200 million. At the foundation of all of these programs is a network of over 60 mentors from diverse tech industries working  closely with member companies to help  them advance their business.

In 2016, ITEN added the Corporate Innovation Program (CIP) to connect corporations to startups and network with peers from other corporate innovation teams. This program connects dozens of startups to these potential partners and customers while creating environments for sharing of best practices between corporations as they work to innovate internally.

The success of its entrepreneurs is the driving force for ITEN. As an economic development entity, our effectiveness is reported annually, as reflected in highlights from our 2018 report:

  • Products/Innovation: 55 commercial products, 14 patent applications, and 5 patent awards in 2018
  • Jobs: 260+ new jobs with over 1,500 created since 2012
  • Annual Payroll: $42 million
  • Monthly Revenue: $3.5 million
  • New Companies: 94 onboarded in 2018
  • Funding: 70 program graduates have raised almost $200 million
  • Diversity: since 2016, female founders have increased 100% and African American and Hispanic have increased by 50%

Louis region and beyond, to ensure founders are connected to the resources they need.

ITEN is also a leader of many broader ecosystem initiatives and events including Startup Connection, Vision Inclusion Symposium, and the Equity in Entrepreneurship Collective.

For more information about ITEN visit www.itenstl.org


911 Washington Avenue, Suite 722, St. Louis, MO 63101

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