More Than A Distributor, An Eco-friendly, Value-added Service Provider

Founded in 1991 in France, ITANCIA is an eco-responsible distributor and service provider, specialized in communication, collaboration and network infrastructure solutions for companies in Europe, Africa and the USA.

With ten (10) subsidiaries in Europe, Africa & USA and more than 5,000 reseller partners, the ITANCIA group is structured around three (3) main activities :

Together we are going to promote a Circular Econo

1. The distribution of unique technological solutions, tailored to the requirements and constraints of each customer, with over 70 brands listed, leaders in their markets.
2. The creation of ecological solutions to control and renew the life cycle of products.
3. Supporting customers and providing value-added services based on technical, logistical and industrial know-how.

Together we are going to promote a Circular Economy

With 30 years of experience, recycling and and giving products a second life has been the core business of ITANCIA. With a total of 32,000m2 production areas, 150 technicians and operators, 18 support technicians, 12 engineers and 140 sales people, we are proud to offer our partners the best products, with the same performance, technical support and, at the same time, to protect our planet by avoiding the manufacture of new equipment.

Our CSR Policy and Green Actions

ITANCIA has established a strong internal CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy through ecological offers, that allow us to control and renew the product life cycle, but also support and help our partners to choose ecology.

The Group offers support with buyback, repair, refurbishment needs and the sale of eco-recycled products, in order to adopt new standards and eco-friendly regulations.

As a committed group, ITANCIA produced 174Mwh of green electricity in 2020 thanks to over 4,250m² of photovoltaic panels installed on our sites in France. Similarly, our commercial fleet of vehicles is 30% hybrid and 70% electric. Because of our environmental and social commitment, ITANCIA has the following certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, CSR ISO 26000, ISO 50001 and Ecovadis 2021.

ITANCIA Endowment Fund

Since its creation in 2011, the ITANCIA endowment fund has supported more than 106 environmental protection projects. In 2021, ITANCIA endowment fund already plans to fund the protection of butterflies in the Sainte-Baume, France and seven (7) other projects are currently being studied, as well as the creation of a wildlife treatment center at the Escarelle wine estate, in the heart of Provence.

The Future: Human, Ecological & Technological Investments

In 2020, ITANCIA played its cards right, proving its value and reliability among its partners. The Group set up a new recruitment policy and hired 50 new employees during the year. In 2021 the plan is to hire a further 85 employees, in procurement, sales, computing, technical and sales administration services, in order to continue the good results and expand our business.

ITANCIA Portugal – Oeiras

With a presence in Portugal since 2009, ITANCIA moved to Oeiras in 2020 as an important milestone for the Group, which continued to set itself apart and innovate in the development of eco-friendly value-added services and solutions. Today, we are a key-player in our market with our customized offer and support, through each of the key project stages: before, during and after the installation of solutions.


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