By supporting the market with our expertise and knowledge, we can also be an innovation enabler, eg: co-creation of projects; stimulation of Digital Innovation Hubs.

ISQ is an innovation enabler (examples: project co-creation; stimulation of Digital Innovation Hubs) that supports companies developing new products (examples: Mars capsule, Infante satellite, etc), and an innovator by itself developing new solutions to deliver to the market directly (examples: earth observation based services for agriculture, circular economy solutions for industry, optimization system for water sector operations, and non-destructive testing solutions).

With a multidisciplinary approach supported by 16 accredited laboratories and R&D expertise and a network of partners able to overcome complex challenges.

Technological development and the ability to innovate. Ultimately, our focus has been on creating value, offering practical and useful applications for company and society living at the forefront of technology.

We offer national and international support and we have a strong link with Academia. ISQ works on scientifically important projects with over 1200 national and international partners, including universities and companies, and takes part in over 500 international R&D projects.

Add to that the multiple industrial sectors we work within: aeronautics, aerospace, agriculture, the circular economy, additive manufacturing, the automobile industry, nanomaterials, safety, industry 4.0, education, and human resources training.

It all started in 1965 with a focus on soldered construction.

At the time, Portugal was setting out its industrial development strategies. There was a need to find knowledge, to develop it, and to establish it within the country in a number of technical and technological areas to modernize the Portuguese industry. The background was the development of the country’s electrical grid, with dams being built, the development of several process industries, in chemistry, in refining, and in rail transport.

ISQ’s mission was to create a Knowledge Centre in Portugal for soldering technology, and to disseminate that knowledge. It did so during the time that R&D gave rise to the mechanics of solder joint fractures as part of a project financed by a NATO grant to the engineer, Salgado Prata, the chairman of IS.

The company became closely linked to the Instituto Superior Técnico, which gave it a characteristic technical and scientific approach to mechanical engineering. In 1985, ISQ started a period of great expansion in skills and new working areas, as well as increased R&D activity. ISQ started to expand in Portugal and to map out its course towards internationalization.

We are active at every link in the value chain:

engineering, consultancy and research, testing and analysis, education/training, technical inspection, R&D, and testing services. Our activity is carried out by a network of companies within the group and accredited laboratories. We have multidisciplinary teams that help our clients align their business objectives with relevant regulations and rules as they strive to meet their goals in quality, safety, asset management, and environmental and social responsibility.

Our main strength is the combination of experience and innovation which allow us to provide integrated, innovative solutions. In other words, we have the ability to support and improve our partners’ projects across all stages of development, from preliminary studies and planning, through development and production, and up to quality assurance and validation of the product/service.

Our technical staff undergo continuous training. Innovation, Technology, Quality, Safety, Risk Management, Environmental and Social Responsibility.

Vision for the future

ISQ aims to be at the forefront of innovation and has defined R&D as its strategy for success. At the same time, innovation is only effective if it holds market value. We need faster, more flexible solutions with immediate practical effects. In our opinion, innovation is the only way forward for companies that wish to remain alive and competitive. We want to be leaders, not followers and proceed with the international expansion of our services.

We are committed to the energy, environmental and digital transition. We are currently involved in seven national catalyzing programmes of research and innovation which are developing new solutions to sectors such as aerospace, automotive, railways, manufacturing, offshore and agro-food chain.


• Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Order of Merit granted by the President of the Republic – 2010;

• “Best of Technological Portugal” Award – Sustainability category | Indoorfarming solution – 2019;

• “Best of Technological Portugal” Award – Mobilty category | QART– 2018;

• Fujitsu Innovation Awards – distinction for the digital co-creation process – 2018;

• Company with Best Service Quality | 2018 | EDP;

• Rising Star Awards in the Internationalization category of the Export and Internationalization Awards;

• Hotel Corinthia – Energy Project of the Year, awarded by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE);

• ISQ accredited as General Quality Manager by LNEC;

• First Portuguese entity to take part in a European R&D project;First independent Portuguese entity to carry out motor vehicle inspections;Installation of the Natural Gas network in Portugal – ISQ trained 6000 technicians between 1997 and 2000;

• Carries out the overall inspection and monitoring of maintenance on 25 de Abril Bridge since 1988;

• Design and assembly of Portuguese digital tachograph system;Only Portuguese entity part of ITER – the largest scientific investment of our time;

• Inspection of the manufacture of components and systems for the new CERN particle accelerator;

• Inspection of the support means for the Ariane V rocket and coordinating safety at the European space port at Kourou for the ESA;

• Quality Management for the European Extremely Large Telescope for EXO | E-ELT;

• Development of tests for qualifying materials and structures for re-entry vehicle IXV for the ESA; and

• We are part of seven (7) mobilizing national research and innovation projects which are developing new solutions to sectors such as aerospace, automotive, railways, manufacturing, offshore and agro-food chain.


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