iO Academy supports growing tech companies across Bristol, Bath, and the UK with a constant pipeline of talented new software developers. We have a focus on teaching our developers best practice, with real agile project experience, and the most up to date tech skills that companies need right now. We are ranked 6th best coding bootcamp in the world by SwitchUp, and are committed to improving diversity in the industry.

Our story
In 2015, iO Academy was set up by Bath-based healthtech company Mayden. Not initially as a business, but as an innovative way to solve a problem. Like so many tech businesses all over the UK, the company
needed more developers; but there simply weren’t enough. Not only that, but newcomers to the industry were often lacking the up to date, practical skills that were needed most.

An innovative solution
That’s where we came in. As developers ourselves, we knew that lots of people have the potential to be fantastic coders, without even realising it. We also knew that the best tech teams are the ones where people have all types of backgrounds and personalities.

So we designed a course that does just that – makes great developers out of raw potential. A course that anyone, regardless of their background, can come out of as the sort of developer that tech companies want to hire.

We called it the Full Stack Track. A 16 week long intensive coding course that turns great people into great developers.

From that first small idea, we’ve grown to become a keystone of the Bristol & Bath tech scene. Companies know they can rely on us for fantastic developers whenever they need to expand their tech teams.

Our students are taught by professional developers to industry best standards. Our graduates work in tech companies from Bath to Berlin. We’ve been recognised as world leaders in what we do and won awards for
our work in the local tech industry.

And through our commitment to inclusion and schemes like our Diversitech Fund, we’ve continued helping a wide range of people into tech careers, helping to truly diversify the industry.

Our developers
We work closely with tech companies to plan our curriculum, continually updating and improving. This means what we teach is always current, no matter how fast the tech world changes.
Our developers:

  • are motivated and love learning
  • relish solving problems and making things that work
  • care about contributing and working with others
  • have skills in up to date technology and coding best practice

In short, we train the sort of people you want to have on your team. We also work with tech companies to create and deliver bespoke internal training courses and workshops for their teams in a range of different languages and skills.

Forging new paths
iO Academy began because it was something the Bristol & Bath tech industry needed, and our aim is to keep innovating as tech itself grows and changes. We are working on new locations and new modes of delivery. We’re developing new courses in Machine Learning and specialised Front-End. We’re delivering new online courses for LinkedIn Learning. And we’re making sure that whatever the tech industry needs, we’ll be here to support it

iO Academy

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