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INVIDI’s platform empowers marketers to target individual households that represent likely purchasers. For television distributors, INVIDI increases the value of advertising inventory.

Before INVIDI developed this innovative technology, the same ads were delivered to all households, regardless of whether they matched the advertiser’s target audience. This imprecise approach resulted in wasted reach. In other words, advertisers were delivering to households that had no interest in their products or services. In contrast, INVIDI’s addressable technology sends out, in a privacy-protected manner, television ads to individual households that match marketers’ target audiences. In the United States, INVIDI’s solution is deployed by DirecTV, DISH Network, Verizon FiOS, and, soon, Altice. We are also deployed in several European and Latin American countries, with further global expansion planned.

In addition to wasted reach, INVIDI has tackled and overcome two other significant hurdles in television advertising: viewer distribution over a wide universe of networks and the draw of advanced analytics promised by internet marketing. Since the advent of cable television in the early 1980s, the audience reach achieved by any one program diminished greatly because there were so many new networks. And the rapid rise of online advertising provided marketers with a medium that could not only target a specific audience but also analyzed and attributed results with extraordinary accuracy.

INVIDI’s addressable technology successfully responded to both challenges. By pooling the viewers watching any given commercial break, INVIDI reaggregates the audience to the point where, in the words of INVIDI’s CEO Dave Downey, “We can run a Super Bowl-sized audience every night.” And because the technology is targeted to individual households, ad campaigns can be tracked, measured, and optimized, as in online advertising, but vastly improved in the superior medium of television.

INVIDI recognizes that viewers are watching television programming using different methods: traditional linear television, online streaming, and mobile devices. In response to the changing viewer landscape, INVIDI is optimizing its addressable technology to work seamlessly with all distribution channels.

In 2017, recognizing its market leadership, impact, and potential, a consortium consisting of AT&T, DISH Network, and WPP (one of the largest advertising companies in the world) acquired INVIDI.

In 2019, INVIDI increased its global leadership position within the addressable advertising marketplace by acquiring Pulse, an international streaming platform. Pulse recently set a record for the largest number of commercials served simultaneously – over 18 million during the International Cricket Championships.

While headquartered in Princeton, INVIDI continues to deploy its solution internationally. Of late, INVIDI has made significant progress in distributing its solution in Europe, Latin America, and Asia and aims to transform television across the world.

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